Advance Weight Loss Supplement from Japan now available in Singapore

The ultimate fat burner, Maximum Heat.
A new and technologically advance weight loss supplement from BODI; K gym – MAXIMUM HEAT hits our beloved garden city this year. Affiliate Hall has the honor of being the first local network to interview Ms. Hiromi from BODI; K gym about this new product.

July 18, 2016 – Singapore – Being in the personal training industry with established trainers like Ota Yuuki – Bantamweight Bodybuilding Champion 2012 and Michael Nakazawa – Japan National Team Paralympics’ Trainer who used to grace their gyms as trainers, Ms. Hiromi has seen how BODI; K grown from a humble training hub in Japan to multiple gyms based throughout the  Asia’s region. As of date, BODI; K has established offices not just in Japan, but also in New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The team consists of a group of highly passionate people; people who believe deeply in their mission of helping others fulfill their personal health and fitness goals. Whether it is someone who had just made a commitment to lose weight, or a seasoned body-builder, their trainers and facilitators will be there to serve all aspects of one’s experience. Customized fitness regimes, diet plans and even home visits may be arranged for customers. Those who prefer to train at the comfort of their own homes may opt to do so by engaging personal in house trainers.

As Hiromi puts it, “We believe in personalized plans and services for our customers. There is no one solution that fits all. There always need to be some form of initial diagnosis, followed by a customized solution.”

Back then, BODI; K was actively looking for a supplement that could match their various exercise programs. No one, product, however, could really fit their requirements. Frustrated by the absence of breakthroughs and effective products in the market, they decided to develop one themselves.

“Our researchers did so many tests and experiments to make sure it’s a hundred percent safe and effective. They were literally working through the nights to ensure the success of the end product.”

The countless hours of hard work finally paid off in early 2016, when a state of the art fat burner cum weight loss supplement was developed.

They decided to call it the Maximum Heat.

Containing a nutrient called L catenin, which helps in the transformation of fat cells into mitochondria cells, such as muscle cells, Maximum Heat rigorously burns and uses fat as fuel for the body. Extensive research from labs based in Japan confirmed that supplementing your diet with L carnitine increases the amount of fat burned, particularly during exercise, which in turn enhances fat loss while at the same time boosting muscle endurance.

Combine this with BODI; K’s exercise programs, the team from the upbeat gym are confident that they are able to guarantee results. This formulation no risk commitment has helped a majority of BODI; K’s customers, who are in their 30s to 40s, to slim down substantially within a short period of time.

As Hiromi puts it, “The product may even work to burn fat while the body is resting. Most of our customers see visible results in as little as a month.”

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