“Mashangyou” Creates “Internet + Tourist Destination” Operating Mode and Successfully Listed on NEEQ

On August 26, 2015, Mashangyou Technology Corp., Ltd. (Mashangyou, msy.cn) was officially listed on NEEQ and held a ceremony in National Equities Exchange and Quotations Co., Ltd., making itself the “first share of domestic smart tourism industry” and the “first share of online tourism on NEEQ”. With the pioneering concept of “Internet + tourist destination”, Mashangyou maintains its leading position in “smart tourism”development.

Mashangyou Technology Corp., Ltd. (833158), formerly known as “Jiangsu Wutai Information Technology Corp., Ltd.”, has core technologies of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data, whose main business is tourism based on the “Internet + tourist destination” concept. 

With the surging development of Internet and the implementation of “Internet +” strategy, traditional tourism industry encounters great changes. Taking lead of smart tourism, Mashangyou chose to land domestic capital market at this time, is not only taking advantages of the “Internet +” boom and the support of the “the Belt and Road”” policy, but also considering smart tourism becomes the main line for investment in current capital market.

Reporter has learned that in recent years, the sound developing momentum of online tourism is attracting more companies to establish related business, including large enterprises like Ctrip and Qunar. “Smart tourism”refers to promoting technological level of tourism consumption, tourism management, tourism management in a multidimensional manner. By firstly putting forward the “Internet + tourist destination” concept, Mashangyou dedicates to provide more distinctive tourist services and products for consumers by integrating local resources. Its successfully enlisted on NEEQ greatly boosts the construction of facilities for tourism, regulates tourism management, and contributes a healthy operation of the tourist market.

Since 2010, Mashangyou has become the first domestic corporation aiming for “smart tourism”. As the leading corporation for information solutions and products of smart tourism, Mashangyou puts forward the “Internet + tourist destination” concept and creates a complete package of solutions. With tourism e-commerce as its core business based on tourist destination, taking advantages of its current construction and operation in local places, Mashangyou focuses on theme travel and customized travel, aiming to offer high-quality personalized travel services to tourists through a combination of online and offline resources, and to provide a complete package of information solutions for tourist destination. By this, smart tourism becomes the third growth pole besides traditional travel agency and OTA.

Chen Yongliang, Chairman of Mashangyou, indicated that Mashangyou enlisting on NEEQ was of great significance. As the first corporation of online tourism landing domestic capital market, Mashangyou will take this opportunity to recruit more industrial talents, conduct strategic layout of tourist market in China and the world at large, and implement a series practices of mergers and acquisitions and investment, dedicating to be the leading enterprise for tourism services in the world. In addition, it will stick on to the operation concept “value talents and innovation, provide competitive and high-quality tourist services”. With the guidance of the innovative strategy “Internet + tourist destination” and integrating online and offline resources, Mashangyou will keep adhering to customer demand-based innovation and create maximum value for customers.

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