Femida – A Game About Justice Launches on Kickstarter

An indie game about justice – where you play the role of a judge. Story-driven detective game experienced from new unique perspective.

Femida is a detective video game for PC, MAC and Linux. In this game, you play the role of a judge in a fictional country. There are no guidelines on how to sentence. Everything is left to your own discretion. The game was inspired by Divine Comedy and Plato’s Republic. Expect to go through deadly sins, different levels of the Hell and questioning morality as well as nature of justice. Decisions made throughout the game will influence your character’s life as well as the world around you. Depending on the consequences, the city can turn from normal into paradise or hell.

The story of the game takes place in a fictional country that has recently gone from one social order to another. The country is experiencing changes in ideology, legislation and anarchy of the transition period. The judicial system functions with more freedom and less control. In the game you play the character of a judge who had been recently promoted to solve more severe cases. Powerful families, influential organizations, and other serious folk will try to bribe, threaten, or even pressurize you. 

Wealthy people will get better lawyers and bribe your co-workers. The concerned parties are going to visit, call or send letters to you in an attempt to sway the judgement of your character. Your family is struggling to survive because of economic crisis. Will you able to survive a righteous life until a better future? Is taking bribes to amass instant wealth for those you love, fair? Is abundance for your family and hell for the state or just, but hard ways, a better way toward a brighter future? Of course, most of the cases you come across are not going to be black & white. There will be cases that are resolved differently in different countries. For example, the father of a family shot the intruder who sneak into his house. Considering the fact that the caste doctrine is not used in many countries, this case can be argued in various circumstances. Total absence of jury along with the superiority of other branches of power, will put you in ever more vulnerable positions.

About the studio:

Loznevoy’s studio – the newly organized studio consists of people born in the post-soviet countries. The judicial systems of these states are ranked amongst the most corrupted in the world. The game is a debut for the studio and a message that we want to bring up.  

Demo version is available on kickstarter! 

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Media Contact
Company Name: Femida
Contact Person: Roman Loznevoy
Email: femidaKickstarter@gmail.com
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/791574471/1408104056?token=ecff2c1d