Ori Alon will issue Joy Permits and Open Carry permits for musical instruments at the RNC

CLEVELAND OH – 18 July, 2016 – Ori Alon, performance artist and founder of the Center for Supportive Bureaucracy, will set up an “office” in front of the RNC entrance Tuesday through Thursday. Alon will be issuing RNC delegates Playful Paperwork, including Joy Permit (valid for 6 months), Forgiver’s License (Class A&B), Open Carry permits for musical instruments, Apology Declaration, DIY Certificate of Recognition and Racism Release Forms (among others). Alon’s work is a satirical and heartfelt commentary of our faith in bureaucracy while offering an opportunity for self-reflection and compassion for oneselves and others.

“My performances often give rise to unexpected conversation and connection,” Alon explains. “Recently, at a Trump Rally, I was struck by how we live in a time of extreme division – we chronically and systematically demonize the “other” – and how badly we need to remind ourselves of our common humanity. That’s what my art is all about.”

Ori Alon will set up his “office” near the entrance of the RNC and will reach out to passersby and offer to issue them documents. If and when the police ask Alon to break down his office, he will continue using his mobile unit he will then walk around and randomly spark conversation with people and offer his services.

Since its conception in 2006, the Empowering Clerk Network 36 branches issued more than 40,000 official documents during Office Hours in numerous communities, museums, temples and festivals. The ECN was mentioned in the Times of Israel, Chronogram and other media outlets.

Center for Supportive Bureaucracy  Empowering Clerks Network  www.supportivebureaucracy.org

Forgiver’s License (Class A&B) • Joy Permits • Refurbished Report Cards • Adults Special Achievement Stickers • Pain Deeds • Certified Apology Declarations • Loving & Liable Entity (LLE) certifications • True Friend Diploma • OK Parent Awards • Aunt/Uncle Adoption Agency • Empowering Clerks training program •  Open Carry permits for musical instruments  • DIY Certificates of Recognition • Learner’s Permits

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