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18 July, 2016 – Boruto Manga has made an announcement that readers can now find the latest chapters of the next generation of Boruto Naruto storyline with just a click.  It looks like the universe of ninja will never come to an end with Naruto, as the next generations of Boruto Naruto is ready at the site of Boruto Manga which is a very delightful news for the fans of the Naruto series. The next generation of Boruto Naruto focuses on the storyline around the son of Naruto. The first chapter of this story features the new characters included and they travel as a team in the second chapter.

When looking at the illustrations in the pages of the Boruto Naruto story, you can understand that the characters are in their teenage years as the first chapter has teenage Boruto facing Kawaki, the mysterious ninja. As said already, the creators of this story has made sure that the Naruto lovers will consider this next generation story as a welcome treat. Even though the Naruto manga was the original creation of Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, who was closely working with Masashi Kishimoto previously, handles the Boruto series. However, this series would have the supervision of Masashi Kishimoto. Ukyō Kodachi has penned down the lines of Naruto. As a Naruto manga fan, you will remember that your favourite manga came to an end by November month last year after ruling the manga world for 15 years.

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You can find the interesting Boruto Naruto manga at the website link, The story line begins from where the Boruto Naruto story ended to help the viewers stay hooked to the storyline right from the start. According to Boruto Manga website, Boruto the eldest son of Naruto is developed with distinct traits and the series would dive deeper in to the background story and motivation levels of each character while featuring each in their matured form.

The developers of Boruto Naruto have plans to push the series for many years as grown up Boruto is very skilful and strong to face his powerful rival, Kawaki. The villain flaunts a Mohawk hairstyle, wears an unusual attire and is equipped with a black rod similar to the one used by Naruto and the Sage of six paths. This also indicates that the adventure lovers will have a fair share of entertainment in this storyline. In addition, the site also has many other interesting manga stories lined up for you. Each manga story has a clear cut illustration and simple language to help the viewer read each page quickly.

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The website of Boruto Manga is the perfect abode for all manga lovers as the site specializes in offering various categories of manga stories. The site is also rich with free downloadable files and best selling manga series. 

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