Pest control indicators of silent carpenter ants that will destroy the structure of homes and commercial business building

“Frequently inspect any wooden structures for moisture or rot. Remove piles of leaves from around foundations and keep trees trimmed away from the house. Make sure that any openings where pipes or wires enter the structure of the house are tightly sealed.”
Pest control Professionals are trained to find the nests, which commonly occur in wall and ceiling voids where moisture problems exist .Pest control services provide one time initial clean-outs and ongoing preventive maintenance programs to keep carpenter ants from returning and destroying the value of the home or commercial business building.

Carpenter ants are one of the most common and destructive pests in the Seattle area. The ants nest in wood by burrowing into damp areas. They don’t care about the wood for food, they just excavate to make room to nest in the wood. Carpenter ants are most active after nightfall in the spring through early fall. The species of local carpenter ant in Seattle and the surrounding metro areas such as Kent, Burien, Bellevue, and Renton, is large and black with reddish legs, but we also have a species that is black and red in the middle.

The reproducing carpenter ants have wings, much like termites. Colonies, which can contain up to 10,000 ants divided among numerous nests, are composed of a main nest housing the queen and multiple satellite nests. Signs of a carpenter ant infestation may include sawdust, rustling sounds in the walls, tunnels and galleries in wood structures, and trails of the ants themselves. However, it’s entirely possible to have an ant problem and not realize it until major damage has been done.

Due to Seattle’s damp conditions, carpenter ants are prevalent. Ants may find a way into your home in Seattle, Bellevue, or any of the surrounding areas, even after taking these measures. An initial treatment with periodic follow-ups will help protect your home and provide a much needed barrier against carpenter ant infestation. Treating before the ants invade is much more economical than waiting until there is a full-blown colony creating structural damage.

Identification of Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter ants very common and the pests love all different types wooden structures. The pests can found inside and outside of the home. The menacing ants are very attracted to wood. Especially wood that has been exposed to moisture. Carpenter ants tunnel and make nests in softwood, Although the ants love wood it does not eat wood. Carpenter ants have to leave the wooden tunnels to hunt for food. A Buffet would consist of dead or living insects, food found in the home. Such as meat, sugar and sugary products, aphid honeydew, plant juices, and fats. All of this can be a high price to pay in damages to the home. Carpenter

Ant Removal services for Carpenter Ants Invade that Property

Carpenter Ants thrive on wooden areas such as porches, trees, verandas, steps, doors etc. Any of these areas that become moist are most vulnerable to Carpenter Ants attack. It’s a known fact that the wood-loving pests particularly love rotting wood. The worker Carpenter ant can and will find entry routes by gnawing a clean tunnel. Which would be parallel to the wood grain wherever a crack or crevice exists. The ants chew on and discard the wood outside the tunnel. The chewed up discarded wood are called shavings that resembles sawdust. This is a huge red flag indicator of nesting areas for Carpenter Ants. The nest can extend all the way into sound wood. Even more reason to avoid the high cost of damages the pests can and will do to get Carpenter Ant removal professional services.

The first and foremost thing to do to get this Carpenter Ant problem under control is to locate the nest. The ants are most active at night. It’s when the army of ants leave the nest I’m search of food. Facts to remember when monitoring for carpenter ants are that the pests follow a definite trail and make rustling noises while in the nests. The noise being made can be heard only if the surrounding area is quiet. Now the nest or nests have been located and do-it-yourself treatments are not an advisable option it’s
time to pick up the phone and call AMPM Exterminators for the Carpenter Ant Removal services that is needed.

The cost of getting rid of carpenter ants by pest control

Here’s how carpenter ants control services work for a one-time treatments Lets say a pest control technician come out to treat the house or buiding on July 1st for ants and after two weeks or so you’re still having ants. within 45 days of your original service, the exterminator will come back and retreat the area for only $70, so in this example by August 15th. A lot of ants and it requires more treatments. the call-back rate would only be $50.
Follow-up visits, The reason for this is because the products we applied on the exterior will keep working for 1 to 3 months and applying too much product to where ants are trailing can actually make the problem worse. The pest control technician will make a judgement call depending on the circumstances.

Carpenter ant control advice for prevention:

Prevent excessive moisture in wood.
Possible food sources should be monitored.
Do not store wood inside or close to the house for long periods of time.
Any decaying wood found around the home should be removed.
Remember to keep good sanitation habits.

Be aware of the food sources attractive to the ants. Don’t leave BBQ area garbage out. Clean and dispose of scraps. They love meat, fat and sugary food. Big invitation to hang around the fun.So store food and garbage in sealed containers to decrease attractions for carpenter ants.Caulk openings or install barriers on areas which could act as entrances for ants and provide good ventilation inside the home.Prevention tips but also remember that the home can be bombarded with the highest causing damages by these pests. Again, it’s now time to call AMPM Exterminators for professional Carpenter Ant removal pest control services.


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