The National Hip Hop Showcase that’s Packing Venues All Across America

Superior Booking’s Bryan Pauley knows talent when he hears it. Not only can he identify talent, but he can get them on a stage, quickly. Pauley brags that his company, Superior Booking, is the largest agency supporting local talent in the U.S. “It’s all about the locals” he says. “The heartbeat of every city is their arts & entertainment, more specifically, their local music scene.”

Based in Cleveland Ohio, Superior Booking employs a team of booking assistants, event managers, talent scouts, and graphic designers – working remotely from their respective home offices. “We tried the whole office atmosphere, and it was cool for a while, but when a few of my assistant’s had to relocate and one had to stay home to take care of a family member, the office slowly became empty. The company had evolved into this virtual office kind of thing, and it’s working out great!” Pauley says as we Skype, “We’re all working real hard on these summer shows.”

Superior’s newest concert series, the Ultimate Hip Hop Showcase, is giving local rappers a chance to perform in front of huge crowds. “It started out as a one-off in Seattle,” Pauley explains, “It ended up being a big success, so we did another in Tampa, and then another in Cincinnati. They just kept getting bigger and better, so we’re going to try to throw these Ultimate Showcase’s in as many cities as we can, for the rest of the Summer. We have showcase’s booked in Dallas, Indianapolis, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Orlando. We’re super excited about them all.”

The Ultimate Hip Hop Showcase is an all day festival style concert featuring 20+ artists performing on one stage. The low ticket prices (usually $10 or less) make it an appealing weekend event for local concertgoers to check out. “Most of the acts are unsigned and up and coming artists looking for exposure in their respective market. Some of these artists may not have even performed live previously,” says Pauley, “Our goal is to find these undiscovered artists, and give them a mic and a stage.” Booking over 1000 unsigned acts so far in 2016, it seems like Superior does a good job at just that.

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