NASA, SETI Announcements Support Claims of Extraterrestrial Contact

HARTFORD, CT – 19 July, 2016 – UPDATE: Recent announcements by NASA regarding the discovery of Gravitational Vortexes and the probability that Mars Had an Earth-Like Environment appear to validate the revelations made in a new book, THE FINAL REVELATION: The Sun Project, by RJ Teles. The book is based on information provided by high-ranking military and intelligence sources.

In the book, these sources disclosed, prior to the NASA announcements, the existence of gravitational eddies and gyres in space caused by gravitational waves as well as the reality that Mars was Earth-like until intervention by an intelligent alien race. In addition, the book’s sources revealed that intelligent extraterrestrials do not communicate as we do nor do they use radio waves; a concept just recently proposed in a new SETI report, Alien Mindscapes—A Perspective on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The NASA and SETI announcements followed the release of the book indicating the book’s sources knew of these concepts before NASA and SETI, and implies the other revelations concerning intelligent extraterrestrial life made in the book are accurate as well.

THE FINAL REVELATION: The Sun Project relies on testimony from military and intelligence sources who have decided to share the real story about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life including previously unknown facts regarding Roswell, the truth about alien abductions and some of the most infamous UFO incidents in history as well as the life-altering knowledge the church has kept secret for thousands of years.

Of particular interest are the discussions concerning:

• The Roswell Smoking Gun – Base Logs and Reports

• Fact vs. Fantasy concerning UFO Reports – What is Real and What Is Not

• How the U.S. Government is Managing the ET Threat

• The Inspiration for the HAARP Project

• The Church’s Long-Standing Involvement in the UFO Phenomena

• Global Dominance and the ET Advantage

• Evidence of ET Involvement in Human Evolution & the Ecosystem

More information can be found online at leading booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore under the keyword: RJ Teles, or at THE FINAL REVELATION: The Sun Project. Available in soft cover and Kindle Editions.


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