Group of Millennials Creates Natural, Safe Jet Lag Supplement

The team at Bon Voyage Supplements has announced their groundbreaking jet lag solution

TORONTO, ONTARIO – JULY 19th, 2016 – While many millennials are stepping into the tech sector, one group of like-minded millennials is breaking down barriers in the health and wellness industry with the development of a brand new, all natural jet lag supplement. Bon Voyage Supplements was founded by three millennials with a love for travel and health, and now, they are gearing up to release a groundbreaking solution for reducing the effects of jet lag.

Youcef Boudouh, Mohit Sadarangani, and Ralph Wu are the millennials behind Bon Voyage Supplements, and they convened to create a better solution for jet lag after experiencing their own trial and error with other harsh stimulants. They found that caffeine pills, energy drinks, and other supplements tended to cause a crash or other adverse side effects, and together, they set out to find a way to combat jet lag safely and naturally.

According to Youcef Boudouh, “I found myself jet lagged on my first business trip from Toronto to Beijing for an entire week, and it completely ruined my experience. On my way back home, I pondered that there must be a natural and safe way to stop jet lag. At the time, I was working in the natural supplement industry as an international business development manager.”

After two years of research and development, which included rigorous rounds of formulation development, internal tests, and formulation revision, the team at Bon Voyage Supplements is announcing their signature jet lag supplement.

Theirs will be the world’s first and only 2-in-1, natural, safe supplement. With its clinically tested ingredient, Neuravena, the supplement works to promote better travel experiences by enhancing alertness, relieving stress, and boosting cognitive function. Forging an exclusive partnership with Mihai Niculescu, PhD, at Advanced Nutragenomics LLC, Bon Voyage Supplements was able to validate the formula’s ingredients and move forward with the next steps of releasing their supplement to the world.

While other jet lag supplements require travelers to either take several tablets every few hours or drink a liter of liquids per day, Bon Voyage Supplements’ jet lag formula offers a tablet that is taken twice daily.

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In July, Bon Voyage Supplements will launch a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to garner awareness and funds to manufacture and ship out their supplement to travelers everywhere.

“Above disrupting the natural supplement industry with a unique product based on hard scientific and clinical facts, we also wanted to create amazing customer experiences online with our social network strategy based on a mindblowing contest, the $10,000 Backpack Trip Contest, and weekly Amazon and Starbucks gift cards,” said Mohit.

The Bon Voyage Supplements Backpack Trip Contest will award one lucky winner $10,000, a drone, and a GoPro. In this “Amazing Race” style contest, the winner will travel around the world, backpacking and showing off his or her travels by drone and GoPro on a weekly basis. According to Bon Voyage Supplements, they plan to hold similar contests each year.

The Bon Voyage Supplements team is excited to announce the upcoming release of their jet lag supplement. Youcef, Mohit, and Ralph look forward to helping travelers enhance their experiences while proving to the world that millenials are more than tech junkies.

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Bon Voyage Supplements helps people enhance their travels by reducing fatigue and jet lag. 

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