Purr City Makes Learning About The World Fun and Educational For Children, preparing them to be Well-Rounded Global Citizens

Children learn more when they are having fun according to educational experts. Purr City helps children to discover the world in stimulating, non-conventional ways.

Purr City (www.purr.city) is a semi-utopian cat world featuring a city built by cats who wanted to create a better way of life after seeing the flaws of their human owners.  Purr City is designed for children to learn about the world, but also to become good citizens.  Cats are inquisitive, like learning, and like to play.

The creator of Purr City believes that children’s minds need to be stimulated by the real world to develop intelligence and curiosity while eliminating boredom. Purr City aims to develop young minds with a holistic approach – integrating education with a focus on learning values and making the world a better place as the next guardians of the planet.

The creator, Lisa Mac (aka Lisa Purr), recalls being bored in her childhood days and that reading materials in schools often had little substance and relevance to the real world. However, childhood is the most important time to learn and develop as this can impact on life opportunities. She believes that everyone has amazing potential to achieve great things within a supportive learning environment and access to the right resources.

In Purr City, cats work hard, play hard, but also know how to relax.  They have careers and are proud to govern their city. But, every Wednesday is playtime for all working cats, just how life should be – a mixture of working hard and playing hard! (A lack of this is an evident flaw in human society!) In Purr City, children are encouraged to be curious about the world around them and discover their interests and potential career paths. Purr City develops intellectual skills in an entertaining and creative manner, but it is also designed for adults and animal lovers of all ages to enjoy too. 

Purr City is also tongue and cheek. Purr City Academy offers courses such as “How to get the best out of your human owner”, “Ethics” – such as not sneaking into other cat flaps and stealing their food, and learning about Fairtrade and Furtrade!

In the leisure and events section in Purr City, cats can be seen enjoying the outdoor life (limbo dance, talent shows, rock-climbing), taking part in the catwalk (pardon the pun!), playing animal chess and just having fun! 

Compassion, democracy and values are also introduced and encouraged, with cats baking fishcakes to help the homeless, and cats voting to raise the minimum wage to 8 purr coins an hour to reward hard-working cats and lift them out of poverty. If children learn values at a younger age, perhaps the world will be a better place. In Purr City, there is also the theme of gender equality with female leaders, teachers, programmers etc.

Written by Lisa Purr and illustrated by Raquel Lopez, Purr City also features children’s books.  Classic Cats is the first in the Purr City book series offering an introduction to classical Greek and Roman civilisations, their history and how they influenced Western society across disciplines such as astronomy, engineering, and science.  It also explains the impact of Greek and Latin words in the English language, helping them to understand and grasp the English language at a deeper level. Purr City aims to pique children’s curiosity and nurture their intelligence by offering stimulating reading matter and in the forms of future Purr City games with purr coins as currency.  Intelligence comes from the Latin words: inter –meaning betweenand legere – meaning to read, so if you read the right stuff – you can become more intelligent!

Goldilocks and the Three Cats is the second book in production which is a modern adaptation of the traditional Goldilocks tale where a kitten goes to school and learns to code, developing fun games and useful apps.

Purr City is also proud to offer a wide range of children’s and adult clothing for sale with its Threadless store in the USA.  Ranging from stylish baby clothes to adult T-shirts and zip-up jumpers, now anyone can proudly wear their Purr City character any day. 

To learn more about Purr City, visit this fantastic world of cats where you can order a children’s book or purchase Purr City clothing at http://www.purr.city/

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