Magnetic cell charger/holder makes driving safer, convenient

The JAB-Kington company of Minneapolis, Minnesota will be conducting a fund-raiser until August 14 to raise money for its newest creation, a cell charger/holder for drivers. Company spokesman, David Badhwa, stated that the main purpose of this charger is convenience to the drive and safety because the cell can be attached easy with the magnetic technology that can be mounted in any vehicle.

“We are excited to launch our first project,” Badhwa stated. “It consists of Magnetic mount car charger, Wireless pad and KINGTON case. Our goals are to help drivers be safer while driving. It only takes 1 second to attach a Smartphone to the magnetic charging base. No more cables to attach.”

Thirteen backers have pledged $828 of the $58,888-goal needed to kick-off this new concept and launch it into the consumer market place. J-K planners set the tentative first shipping date for its product on September 16.

According to Badhwa, this is a new wireless cell holder for drivers. It is operated by proprietorial magnetic technology that plugs into the car outlet with a standard USB cable  and will hold a driver’s cell phone in his/her car as it charges.

“Attaching power cords to a Smartphone in your car while driving is dangerous.  Kington provides a solution to a safer driving experience by just touching your phone to the charger. The cases are designed with Magnetic technology to auto-align, so no fidgeting to align phone and charger. The charging starts instantly.”

Statistically, plugging in a cell to the car’s outlet takes about 5 seconds. Accidents involving driver distraction occur about every 0.3 seconds.

“The charging time is almost the same as cable,” Badhwa stated. Using Texas Instruments chipset that allows transfer of large current from charger to iPhone, it is 20 percent less efficient than cables and 20 percent better than other wireless charging solutions. The Car chargers USB port is design with 5A/5V that supports iPad.”

The Kington-designed case is designed to protect the phone from external damage from water, oil, and drop impact. “It is coated with a rubber glossy finish making it elegant and wear resistant.”

“We have been working on this wireless charging project for almost a year. With your support we are confident the magnetic mounting wireless charging accessories for your car will be successful.”

Contributions will help in tooling, pre-production, and finishing the MFi and Qi certifications.

JAB Companies, Inc. has been an engineering and technology firm since 1989. It has satellite facilities in the Caribbean Islands, South America,  Africa, and Asia. JAB specializes in product and design and development for the mobile phones.

Kington offers several perks according to how much is donated. Additional details are available at the Kickstarter project website:

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