Grating Vegetables made more fun and easier with New multipurpose grater by My Classy Space

Leading kitchen appliance manufacturer My Classy Space has recently launched a new-age multipurpose grater “Classy Multi-purpose Zester Grater” on Amazon that assures faster and easier grating and better meal times.

July 19, 2016 – Nothing beats the sumptuous pleasure of freshly grated cheese on the pizza yet it’s the tedious and time-consuming nature of the entire grating process that plays the spoilt sport. But here is some good news- leading kitchen appliance manufacturer My Classy Space has come up with a new-age multipurpose grater “Classy Multi-purpose Zester Grater” that promises to make grating faster, easier & more convenient. Priced at $10.2, the new-age grater is already available on Amazon getting more popular each day with many satisfied buyers.

“We know that grating is a daunting process but then again pre-grated cheese cannot offer the same delicacy as that of a freshly grated cheese. Thus, we are here with our state of the art multipurpose grater that is designed to make grating easier and more comfortable for you. Equipped with unique heart-shaped sharp blades, our new-age grater helps with a way quicker grating compared to regular graters. You benefit with a faster cooking time and better enhanced dining experience”, stated the leading sales official from My Classy Space.

The latest grater not only presents fresh grated cheese but also works on citrus fruits, nuts, chocolates & many more. Speaking further, the sales official stressed on the grater’s wide-handle design that assures a better and more comfortable grip for easy grating. It’s slip free, courtesy the rubber back-up on edges which prevent the accidental slips.

“We have packed the multi-purpose grater with all the needed features to ensure an improved grating experience for you. Whether you are looking to grate fresh cheese or need a hint of lime on your dish or looking to grate some spices fast, our grater would be your best ally in the kitchen. It’s easy to clean-up and dishwasher-safe, much to your convenience. In fact, it also comes with a big hole on its handle that allows easy hanging as you take it out of the dishwasher.  Besides, we have made it sure to get an ergonomic BPA-free handle for your utmost convenience.”

The grater is available in two basic colors, black and grey- to complement the kitchen utensils. While approached further, another spokesperson from the company emphasized on a plastic covering for the blade for safe and better storage.

“Our cutting-edge grater is meant to save the cooking time so that you can enjoy more with your meals. We guarantee you maximum satisfaction with the product with its innovative design and easy maintenance features. Your experience is really important to us and we have kept no stones unturned to make the entire thing valuable for you and your kitchen. You are sure to have a great time with Classy Multi-purpose Zester Grater”, the spokesperson added in.

The company has also assured to extend a replacement if the customer is not satisfied with the Classy grater.

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