Military Veterans Face Large Challenges Post-Service: LIMS is offering a solution by lining up career opportunities for 200 post-9/11 veterans

LOS ANGELES, CA – 19 July, 2016 – Upon exiting the military, veterans are forced to fend for themselves while attempting to transition back into society. A study done by USC School of Social Work shows that nearly eight out of 10 service members leave the military without a job, and expect to find meaningful employment that provides adequate remuneration once they leave the military.

There is a gap in communication between the military and local organizations and businesses. Over two-thirds of today’s veterans reported difficulties adjusting to civilian life, and claimed, upon completion of service, that they do not know where to go or who to contact to seek help.

Jimmy Lifton, President of LIMS, is taking steps to help be part of the solution. “This is a national issue that all businesses should be actively pursuing a solution for. There is no reason why every veteran should not have the means to be financially independent and self sufficient,” says Lifton. 

The LIMS VET 50 program has helped over 75 veterans in the last year to secure jobs in Hollywood working behind the scenes on Film, TV, and Music productions. “LIMS accomplished above and beyond what the Veteran’s Administration, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army’s social workers failed to do. I should know, as a homeless Marine veteran, I received dysfunctional agency lip service since 2012,” says LIMS alumni Art Flores.

There are a good amount of veterans who do find jobs, but not all are successful in finding quality, good paying jobs. Nearly a quarter of veterans in Los Angeles County with jobs are earning at or below the poverty level. Over three-quarters of those veterans without a job are not receiving assistance in finding a job. According to, the average salary for the entertainment industry is $30,000 -$100,000+ which is life changing for any veteran in need.

On August 15th, 2016, LIMS will be launching its newest initiative program that will provide free training to 200 post-9/11 veterans. Free transportation and daily meals will be provided to the veterans during training. Job opportunities will be lined up for all 200 veterans upon completion of the program.

About LIMS

LIMS gives trainees a one-of-a-kind program that provides the professional experience needed to thrive in the film, TV, and music industries. Students are given the opportunity to work on a feature length production by placing them in a professional working environment with real on-set responsibilities. The students learn how to push themselves, adjust their bodies and minds to the industry’s demanding work schedule, embrace tight deadlines, and evolve their passions into real tangible success.

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*The Los Angeles County Veterans Study, conducted by the USC School of Social Work Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families.

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