Polished Gentleman Announces Reduced Price Of New Beard Growth Shampoo

CLEARWATER, FL – 20 July, 2016 – Polished Gentleman has decided to have a Grand Opening Sale for its newest product.

As a celebration of their newest product, Polished Gentleman has made their Beard Growth Shampoo available for a significantly discounted price. Now, anyone looking to naturally grow and groom a beard can do so easily and affordably.

This Beard Growth Shampoo is available in three sizes: Small Beard (4 oz.), Respectable Beard (8 oz.), and Gentleman Beard (16 oz.). Each size is $16, $10, and $5 off respectively. This is particularly good news for those looking to give this product a try for the first time—they can get a massive discount on the smallest size to see how they like it before deciding to go for the biggest size, which gives the best value for its size to price ratio. But this sale will only be running for two weeks, so interested buyers won’t want to procrastinate for too long before they head out to Amazon and add it to their cart.

Polished Gentleman believes in the best product for the best value, which is why this Beard Growth Shampoo is made only with organic and natural ingredients, like rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, manuka honey, aloe vera, and more. And, in order to make these ingredients their most effective, there are no chemicals or irritants included that might counter or minimize their potency. Commonly, one might find sulfates and parabens in their beard shampoo—but these chemicals have been connected with a multitude of horrible side effects like dryness, irritation, burns, hormonal dysfunction, and even cancer. That’s why Polished Gentleman leaves them out of all their products.

Making a Beard Growth Shampoo that is natural, effective, and affordable was not easy, but Polished Gentleman made it happen. The reviews on Amazon show that. And this Grand Opening Sale will help others to discover it as well.

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