Startup Funding LA Helps People Buy a Business or Sell a Business Swiftly

LOS ANGELES, CA – 20 July, 2016 – The website helps people buy and sell businesses more quickly.  You can find full details, video instruction, and a downloadable ebook for offline review at

Topics addressed in the video and downloadable ebook include:

• How to buy a business with an SBA loan and why the process is fast, easy, and cheap when you’re working with the right people.

• How tech startup founders and other new business owners can graft new products and services on to the business they buy in order to become very profitable quickly.

• How to buy a business that owns production facilities on other real estate.

• Why investors like SBA funded businesses

You can find the video and the ebook here:

Michael Praver, founder of JW Harding Inc, and owner of says, “We make funding straight forward, so buying or selling your business is straight forward.” 

Michael continues, “We specialize in helping people get the money they need to buy or sell a business.  Business buyers come to us when they know what business they want to buy and we walk them through the transaction, from initial contact to full financing and completion of escrow in about three months as a rule. Business sellers come to us when they want to be able to sell their business fast.  It’s always easier to find a buyer if you can make the funding easier.  We use SBA loans to facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses from $1-$5M.  You don’t have to have perfect credit to purchase a business. We’ve helped people with scores as low as 650 buy a company in the past year. You don’t need 30% of the purchase price in your pocket to put in as a down payment either.  Sellers who work with us to make financing easy often get time and a salary to help ensure the new owner gets off to a great start, and they ensure a sale will go through as described in the purchase contract.”

Michael adds, “StartupFundingLA charges nothing for its services until transactions are complete.  That means if a deal falls through or funding isn’t available, both buyers and sellers pay us nothing.”

Questions about Startup Funding LA can be directed to or to (310) 491 5979.

It’s perfectly acceptable to call about any business you want to buy or sell which costs between $1M-$5M. If you have a credit score of under 650, contact us when you have a partner you want to buy the business with that has a better credit rating.


After more than a decade spend providing business support, management training, and financial services to businesses across the United States, successful serial enterpreneur Michael Praver launched specifically provide support to working enterpreneurs.  

For more information about the products and services he provides, and to find recommendations from happy customers, visit

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