Syoptek International Introduces Tools to Reduce Fiber Optics Network Downtime

With several important tools to repair, maintain and servicing of fiber optic networks, Syoptek International Limited allows network operators to reduce the downtime and maintain a flawless communication of signals.

Any downtime of the fiber optics network may cost dearly to the network operator. This is the reason why a network operator strives to reduce the chances of network downtime. China based Syoptek International Limited now introduces a variety of tools that can allow technicians to efficiently maintain the cleanliness of the connectors and knots of the fiber optics, avoiding the chances of network downtime.

The company develops high performance Fiber Optic Switch using state of art technologies that protects redundancy of fiber networks. Developed following the Advanced Optoelectronic Integrated Technology, the switch can help connect optical channels and that is the key to the functioning of all new generation optical channels. With a fast switching speed, it offers the much needed reliability and a very low insertion loss. The switch helps improving the overall performance of a network and plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of large bandwidth networks.

They also provide a comprehensive range of CWDM tools that are suitable for all network applications. The tools can be used for both outdoor and indoor environments and help avoid the network outage. The tool can also be used to increase the capacity of an existing network with added wavelengths. With high stability and reliability, it has wide applications in the network monitoring, fiber optical amplification, and other cellular applications. Technicians can use the tool to ensure high channel isolation and a low insertion loss.

Syoptek International Introduces Tools to Reduce Fiber Optics Network Downtime

Syoptek International also offers effective DWDM products that can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. The tool is designed to fulfill the different ITU requirements and increase the efficiency of a network. The product has its significant applications in channel adding or dropping, fiber optical amplification and other areas. The company offers a significant range of tools with different specifications for a fiber optics company to choose the tool(s) as per their requirement.

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Syoptek International Limited

Syoptek International Limited is a China based firm, provides a comprehensive range of passive WDM components to suit every application. Syoptek’s Shenzhen factory is certificated by ISO9001:2008 with over 6,000 square meters manufacturing area and over 170 employees, with highly efficient production and international quality control system. The company holds a strong R&D capability and first-class manufacturing process/test equipments. The company’s passive component product line includes Mechanical Fiber Optic Switch, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, FWDM, optical isolator, optical circulator, in-line VOA, polarization maintaining optical products and connectors.

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