Young Fine HK Trading Limited Introduces UV Lamp for Water Sterilization

The UV germicidal lamp is perfect for water sterilization and is available in a variety of models.

The Chinese Lighting Products Company manufactures and supplies unique and practical products that are valuable for the mankind. The latest offering is the UV germicidal lamp that can kill germs and other disease carriers found in water and makes it safe and potable for humans. According to the company spokesperson, the product is drawing a huge attention from customers across the world, particularly in geographies facing shortage of drinking water.

The spokesperson reveals that the unique lamp proves very effective in the UV water sterilization at a reduced cost. At a significantly lower per gallon cost, one can get pure and clean water for their consumption, with the unique UV technology used in the manufacturing of the bulbs. Available in 10-38 W power range and 30V to 112V voltage, the UV lamps can quickly kill germs to eliminate the risk of water borne diseases that humans often risk because of water contamination.

Young Fine Light Introduces UV Lamp for Water Sterilization

The company also specializes in the production of infrared heat light that can emit light in different colors. With CE certification and meeting the RoHS standards, the infrared lamp can produce an adequate amount of heat that can be used for the heating purpose. Made of hard glass, the lamp can withstand a temperature of up to 300 degrees without any risk of explosion. The double screw tungsten filament and machine made glass shells make these lamps highly durable and long lasting. The base of the lamp is made of materials, like brass, nickel and aluminum that give it a desired level of stability.

Young Fine Light also produces the halogen light bulb that is energy saving and has a long lifespan. With a G9 halogen lamp, it produces soft light with a higher luminous efficacy. The spokesperson reveals that in comparison to ordinary bulbs, this halogen bulb offers a very high level of lighting efficiency. They maintain a strict production process with double filaments, the bulb is safe to use and offers great performance.

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Young Fine HK Trading Limited is a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of Bulb lighting products. They have more than 20 years of experience in the bulb lighting business. They have their grown-up team of R&D, QC, sales & after-sales, skilled workers. They focus on quality products to meet global demands, especially for government purchasing plans, public building projects, hotel retrofits, and rural lighting projects where there is short of power supply and other energy saving projects.

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