Sydney Top 10 SEO Warns People About SEO Scams

An SEO company in Sydney has launched a campaign to help small business owners around the world avoid SEO scams

A leading SEO company in Sydney that provides a Free SEO book has today launched a campaign to help small business owners around the world avoid SEO scams. Top 10 SEO In Sydney has launched the campaign after seeing many companies sending unwelcome emails offering false promises in relation to achieving positive SEO results.

With the internet becoming an important marketing tool for business owners, allowing those businesses to increase their revenue by having their website found easily by the consumer, many owners are falling for SEO scams. It is understandable people are falling for these scams according to Senka from Top 10 SEO in Sydney; she explained that small businesses know they need to increase traffic to their website and be found in the top search engines to achieve increased sales. However, the Sydney SEO expert who helps small business owners around the world achieve positive SEO results said it is now time for business owners to stop falling for these SEO scams.

Senka from Top 10 SEO said: “Business owners receive emails on a daily basis from lots of companies from around the world including India, saying they can help them achieve higher Google ranking and increased traffic. But, a lot of these emails are scams, hoping that small business owners will be so desperate they will pay for their services, which will bring no results.”

According to Top 10 SEO, these companies will try and use a lot of jargon to convince the small business owner to buy their service; they will also promise results that they cannot achieve.

Top 10 SEO in Sydney, who has become one of the most recommended SEO services in Sydney, has put down some tips on how to spot an SEO scam email:

1. Guaranteed Top Google Ranking In 30 Days

A lot of scam SEO emails are claiming they can provide top Google ranking in 30 days or less; this is an obvious scam, but many business owners are falling for it. It is impossible for a website to gain top Google ranking in 30 days or less.

2. Submit Website To Thousands Of Search Engines

The scam SEO companies rely on the small business owner not knowing a lot about SEO, and therefor they use words like submit to thousands of search engines in the hope it will excite, and impress the potential customer. However, there are not thousands of search engines and the most important search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are also some other smaller ones, but these are the main ones.

3. Hundreds or Thousands Of Directory Links For Little Money

Submitting to thousands of directory sites can kill a website. It is important to build quality links that are relevant to the site.

Top 10 SEO in Sydney has said it is important to ignore such claims and only use a professional SEO company who can provide real results. To learn more about Top 10 SEO Sydney, and the services they provide to increase website traffic and build websites, please visit

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