SEI Club, An International Private Dating Service for the Global Elite

Members-only dating and matchmaking service caters to globally oriented, jet-setting men and women.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 21 July, 2016 – International, private members club caters to the affluent and elite to provide high quality dating and matchmaking.

As a members-only club that caters to affluent, attractive, successful singles, the club recognizes that for the most eligible singles, traditional or online dating can be subpar.

“Our clients are looking for people with similar backgrounds, similar interests and similar tastes,” a spokesperson for the club said. “Usually they’ve tried other dating services, online dating sites or traditional dating and they’ve been disappointed. It can be hard to tell if someone is who they claim to be, and what their intentions really are. They’ve joined SEI Club because we handle those problems for them.”

Each member has to go through an extensive screening process, including an in-person meeting with a member of the club’s executive team. Applicants are screened for success, attractiveness, relationship goals and a host of personality traits. Other criteria include intelligence, openness, education and sophistication. In all, less than 35 percent of applicants are accepted.

“One of the best indicators of someone’s ability to be a successful romantic partner is how closely they follow the ‘Golden Rule,’ that is treating others the way they want to be treated,” the spokesperson said. We look at each applicant to see how they interact with others and to ensure they are, at heart, good people.”

The exclusive nature of the club, along with the in-depth screening, helps to ensure only the very best singles, those with the right personality to thrive in a relationship, become members, the spokesperson said.

“We work very hard to ensure the quality of our member pool,” the spokesperson said. “We look for men who are handsome, charming and successful, and our women members are all attractive and accomplished in their own rights. We have an amazing membership made up of international, jet-setting men and beautiful, successful women.”

The club’s members range from models to media executives and from Forbes billionaires to members of the nobility. One of the reason SEI Club has been able to win the trust of so many successful people is not just that it screens members carefully, but also its emphasis on privacy and discretion. SEI Club reviews share that sentiment.

“Some of our members are very public figures,” the spokesperson said. “They have a hard time with privately dating because of their high profile. They know that we take their privacy seriously and that we’ll treat them with the care and discretion they expect…often they simply prefer that their private lives remain so.”

Each member is given a portfolio of potential matches based on their romantic preferences and relationship goals. The idea is to ensure that every person a member is matched with is potentially compatible with them, avoiding the wasted time of dates that lead nowhere.

“Our members don’t worry about awkward dates or being matched with someone unsuitable,” the spokesperson said, “because we’ve weeded out unsuitable matches in advance. Instead they can spend time getting to know people who share their interests and goals and who they know they’ll be glad to have met.”

SEI Club works to ensure its exclusivity. In addition to the screening process, the club sets its fees to ensure only the highest quality services. Costs range from $5,500 for an elite membership to $300,000 for an unlimited membership. Each level offers members a certain number of matches over a certain period of time. There is also what the club calls its Million Dollar Membership, where members can have unlimited matches for an unlimited period of time.

“We want to ensure that we’re catering to the needs of our clients,” the spokesperson said. “We had numerous requests for an option that offered more freedom for people who didn’t want to worry about limits. But one thing remains the same at all levels—our tailored matches for to satisfy each member’s preferences and requirements.”

Those matches can range from people looking for marriage partners to those who want to meet new people and casually date. The club’s executive team, made up of experienced matchmakers, gets to know each member’s goals during the application process and then works to find other members who are interested in the same thing.

Once a member has found a potential match they’re interested in, the SEI Club handles the introduction process, including arranging a meeting.

“Handling the arrangements for a first date can be time consuming with all the required back and forth,” the spokesperson said. “We want to ensure that all of our members have the best possible experience, and so we take care of arranging the perfect introduction. Our members are successful people and have come to expect the very best out of life, and that’s what we’re committed to offering them.”

All of the work the club does is focused on ensuring a good experience for members, from the beginning of the application process to the time they find a match, the spokesperson said.

“We offer the most exclusive, most luxurious dating and matchmaking experience available,” the spokesperson said. “We understand how very important finding a true romantic partner is for a person’s overall well-being. Without someone to share experiences with, success can seem less important. That’s why we work so hard to find the right match for every one of our members.”

To support its claim, SEI Club pointed to the many long-lasting relationships, including marriages, that have been formed between members, including SEI Club reviews shared by current and past members.

“We have had terrific success in helping to create meaningful romantic partnerships between some of the most impressive and successful people in the world,” the spokesperson said. “In some ways, we think of it as giving fate a helping hand. We bring together people who are successful, driven and ambitious and help them to form new, enjoyable connections.”

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