World Organization of Child Ambassadors of Peace is Sponsoring Wunderkindz, The Musical Summit

In an effort to foster peace and stronger relationships between people and cultures, the World Organization of Child Ambassadors of Peace is sponsoring Wunderkindz, The Musical Summit, a series of gala concerts in locales around the globe. The performers will be 12 child prodigies from diverse ethnic, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. Led by Ezekiel Elkin, the show’s creator and an acclaimed young pianist and songwriter, the performers will stage elaborate musical numbers that are based on their personal stories. Accompanying the child prodigy performers are a 20-piece orchestra and a multi-ethnic ensemble of child vocalists and dancers. These musical prodigies will also participate in the production of an album including songs from the show.

Wunderkindz, The Musical Summit will include performers from Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, China, Italy, Israel, Russia, Palestine and the United States. These Child Ambassadors of Peace will perform heartwarming musical pieces that share a little about their cultures to help audiences around the world recognize that all of humanity can live in harmony. A portion of the proceeds of will be donated to charitable causes including music schools, health centers, child refugee services, vaccination campaigns, and schools for children with disabilities through The Fruit of Love, the charity arm of the World Organization of Child Ambassadors of Peace.

Wunderkindz, The Musical Summit has already been performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014, and was an enormous success. It will soon begin its tour of the United States, but it needs your financial support to fully achieve the success it deserves to be. Ezekiel Elkin and his organization have sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $300,000 needed to finance the U.S. leg of their international tour. In return for your generous support, you can get perks like Original Soundtrack, Exclusive Souvenir Program, free tickets, Backstage Tour, photos with Child Ambassadors, or a 4k video of show.

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