Muggy Weld Premium Welding Alloys Make Pot Metal Repair for Classic Cars Easy

Weld, a leading provider of specialty welding alloys and electrodes, offers a premium line of aluminum welding alloys and fluxes specifically designed to make pot metal repair a quick and easy task.

It is not uncommon for restoration experts to discover bent, cracked, and pitted pot metal parts when working on vintage cars, and many of them also realize that it’s not easy to restore parts made pot metal. Repair of these parts is difficult due to the properties of the metal alloy. It is made of several metals such as zinc, copper, and tin—all of which have low melting points.

The low melting point of pot metal causes it to pit and break while being soldered or welded during repair. One way that restoration experts can make repairs successful is by using a low temperature rod and preparing the part before applying the solder on the metal.

Rods such as Muggy Weld’s Super Alloy 1 are ideal for pot metal repair. They have a melting point of about 350 degrees, which allows the solder to be applied on the alloy before it melts from the heat. By using a low temperature repair rod and a propane torch, gaps and pits in a pot metal window frame, headlight trim, door handle, and bumper guard of vintage cars can be filled with the solder without causing the base metal to melt or become damaged.

Before repairing the pot metal part with the solder, make sure that it’s properly prepared first. Oxidation from all the pits of the pot metal part should be removed before soldering because oxidation prevents it from bonding properly. Then, holes must be drilled through the pits using a Dremel.  After it has been prepared, it is now safe to start working on the pot metal.

With simple tools and correct preparation, restoration and repair of pot metal parts in vintage cars can be accomplished easily.

Muggy Weld has created a series of instructional videos featuring Super Alloy 1 pot metal  repair techniques and tips, viewable at

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For over 30 years, Muggy Weld has been a leading provider of high quality welding alloys and electrodes for both beginners and industry professionals. For aluminum welding and repairs, the company has developed premium alloys and fluxes such as Super Alloy 1 and Super Alloy 5.

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