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Shades Apart – A Solo Exhibition of Work by Susan Eddings Perez

July 22, 2016 (Tulsa, Oklahoma) – Exhibit by Aberson is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Susan Eddings Perez on view at 3524B S. Peoria Tulsa, Oklahoma. Opening reception is on Thursday, July 21st from 6pm – 8pm. 

Susan Eddings Perez’s abstract works are not only pleasing to the eye but provide food for thought for the viewer. With her use of mixed media the art is a true study in contrast. The soft, blurred lines of the varied colors almost seem incongruous with the shiny metals of gold foil that wind their way across the canvas and yet, the works are calming. This is because both the metals and the colors, so reminiscent of earth and sky, represent nature. Perez has left the viewer pondering the differences that make up this world and how it is possible that such contrasting substances can be pleasing and harmonious.

The pieces for this exhibition feature gold leaf and mixed media and are all of abstract design. While the gold foil seems like it should sit apart from the fluid backdrop of the muted shades that play across the canvas, the dissimilar materials are uniquely suited to each other. The title, “Shades Apart”, refers to the varied colors and materials used in the body of this work. This theme of contrast is ever present and the continuous juxtaposition of opposites is executed seamlessly which provides an elegant and pleasing experience for the spectator.

To know more about Susan’s exhibition at Exhibit by Aberson this July, please visit www.abersonexhibits.com

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