Featuring in a new film ”A Day Of Trouble”, Award Winning Actress, Tracy McNulty, Takes The Role Of A Banker

July, 2016 – Award winning Actress, Tracy McNulty features in a new film, “A Day Of Trouble”  as a bank manager. The film chronicles a yoga instructor who is kidnapped and held hostage in her own apartment by a convicted felon on the run for bank robbery!

Acting as Mrs. Lee in the film, Tracy McNulty acts as the bank manager of the bank where the robbery occurred. It was an intense scene as ran outside the bank screaming for anyone to call the police.

“I definitely had a great time, taking up that role (Bank Manager) in the film, “Day Of Trouble.” It was a role that opened my eyes to the challenges faced by people working in banks. It was a great experience, and you just need to watch me in the film!” says Tracy.

For more information about Tracy MnNuclty, visit  www.imdb.me/tracymcnulty

About Tracy McNulty

Tracy McNulty known by others as “Stresh” is an Asian American actress and producer, received special thanks by numerous feature films for her valued contribution. Honored and thankful to have worked with outstanding directors. Passionate about acting,she is extremely proud to be in a MTV Video published by Yahoo Music “Shake Something” with Cali Swag District known for their music “Teach Me How To Dougie”.

She recently played as Nurse in the famous Fifty Shades of Grey Parody by Youtube Famous Shane Dawson TV. She appeared various roles like Entertainment Press Kit, Student Films, Indie Films and theaters where she gained vast acting experience and continues to learn her craft. A member of numerous organizations and clubs in Los Angeles like Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue (SCLRR) where she adopted two yellow Labradors.

When not at the rehearsal or filming, Ms Mcnulty loves to travel all around greater part of Hollywood or Tourist spots in Los Angeles. She regularly travels most of Asian countries during winter.

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