Illustra Distribution Presents CJG

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Illustra Distribution Announced The New Addition Of CJG To Their 2016 Already Star Studded Roster And Talks Of His Hot New Single Just Do It.

CJG is definitely what the streets been missing,” said Breezy (Illustra Distribution).

“No matter how hard, how long or how much it takes, I will never give up until I am able to make it as an artist,” said CJG.

Be On The Look Out For CJG- “Just Do It” Single Scheduled To Be Release Worldwide on All Major Digital Outlets.

Watch “Just Do It Now”!

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About CJG

Growing up in the small town of Bunkie, Louisiana, rap artist C.J.G. aka Mr. Bad Attitude was always determined to make it as a rapper/songwriter. Influenced by industry artist such as, 2Pac, Scar face, Mc.8, Spice 1, and NWA. The small town country boy grew up in a house with both parents and 4 younger sisters and 2 older sisters. He remembers being in classes at school writing rhymes and reciting them to his peers.

It wasn’t until age 16 he expelled from school, placed on probation and sent to Boot Camp in Pineville, Louisiana. He was taught discipline and a chance to get his G.E.D. As he got older, he continued pursuing his music career and dreams. Motivated and determined to make it for his own family now ”That’s C.J.G.”

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