6Th Sense Revives Real Fashion For Real Women With A Sense of Style

6Th Sense, a platform that seams together an e-commerce site with a fashion advice column, is re-establishing real fashion for real women with their “LookBooks” and “Slimming Outfits” concepts. The company showcases a diversity of outfits for women of all body types. Each outfit, each trend, and each blog is dedicated to delivering a fashion solution to make women feel gorgeous and confident. In the era of body shaming, ever changing weight loss and diet plans, 6Th Sense of Style is offering women a new sustainable craze; intelligent dressing. From fashion outfit basics to advance styling, women can now dress according to their body shape, making them look slimmer and more balanced, thus reviving the lost romance with one’s self and body.

6th Sense of Style features four categories including “Trendy outfits”, Slimming style”, “Fashion Sense” and “LookBooks.” The collection of street photography and bloggers outfits found under “Trendy outfit” category allows women to shop by trend, body size, dress code, or lifestyle, making their search effortless and productive. 6th Sense of Style has fashion outfits for all ages, sizes, and occasions. Moreover, each browsing category presents a complete outfit, allowing customers to purchase their look with a click of a button.

For individuals wondering how to look slimmer, 6Th Sense of Style has a separate section dedicated to “Slimming Style.” Women can learn how to look skinny without taking on health damaging diets and extreme weight loss practices, but instead practicing proper dressing, styling and purchasing the right fashion outfits for their body figures. From accessorizing with belts to tailoring to flattering finish, women can find a myriad of fashion tips to look their best.

According to various bloggers, 6Th Sense of Style has been ‘curating the best in current fashion” particularly for professional woman. The platform has a number of pieces devoted to feeling and looking confident at the workplace by employing colours, tailoring, and certain fashion outfits. While the platform does stress that beauty comes within, it doesn’t dismiss that looking the part and dressing for one’s body type does, in today’s culture and society, make a significant difference in the way a woman feels and perceives herself. Ultimately, 6Th Sense of Style aims to help women know their body shape, dress to their body shape and love their body shape!

About 6Th Sense LTD

6th Sense aims to help women create their own unique, personalized style by providing the best fashion trends, resources and suggestions across the globe. In today’s fast paced world, 6Th Sense helps individuals find their style with through the latest trendy fashion guides and shopping tips.

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