Dr. Daleen Smal launches her book “The Art of Money: How To Win The Wealth Game”

Dr. Daleen Smal has announced the launch of her new book, “The Art of Money:How To Win TheWealth Game” which is developed to help the readers in overcoming debt and gaining financial freedom for a fulfilledlife. The book describes proven methods and steps which can be followed to get out of debt andbecome financially sound by mastering the art of managing money. The readers will find useful strategies that can help them growing passive income streams and starting their own business for a better financial future.

Dr. Smal has written this book considering the fact that a lot of people nowadays struggle under a crushing debt burden. It is useful for both ordinary and business people and anyone seeking more knowledge regarding additional income sources, and better strategies to manage money and gain more benefits from their existing wealth. The book will help anyone in financial trouble in gaining useful information to liberate them from debt and manage wealth successfully.

The book is divided into various chapters. These chaptersare elaborated and great effort has been made to make them easy to understand. Beginning with the fundamentals of money, the book will help the readers in understanding money management better so that they can make informed decisions on where to spend, where not to spend, changing their habits of unnecessary spending and organizing their budgets and investments. Ultimately, it’ll prove as a guide,which will enable the readers to maintain a healthy cash flow with surplus funds to invest, and build their own net worth and business systems. The readers will also learn about uplifting society and giving back to the community as a result of them becoming successful entrepreneurs and bringing change in society.

More information about the book can be found on WinTheWealthGame.com

About Author

Dr. Daleen Smal has inculcated her almost 40 years of experience working as an economist and central banker in the South African Reserve Bank into this book. She was involved in monetary policy formulation and headed the research and modeling teams which gave her vast knowledge related to money and money management. She has also authored a number of policy papers and travelled around the world participating in policy seminars and workshops. As an entrepreneur herself and being the founder of a number of successful businesses, she has gained immense insights for business which she has also mentioned in her book. Dr. Smal has also developed the Grow Your Own Economy Solution™ course to help others to becomefinancially successful. 

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