The book “Break Out of the Shell” is now available on Amazon for purchase

Author Leul Girma has announced the launch of his debut book, “Break Out of the Shell” on Amazon. The book, which has already received many good reviews from the editors and the readers, is now available for purchase on Amazon in paperback & kindle format.

“Natural and human-made facts amazingly composed in the book Break Out of the Shell. This fiction motivates me to think differently, such out of the box. The way of narration never gives me a chance to stop reading. I follow the characters as a full action film actors; the uncommon way they struggle to get freedom,” says reader Olivia Amaris.

Break out of the Shell, as the name suggests is styled as a thriller with elements of inspiration and the possibility of hope. That motivates the reader to make a difference. The story revolves around the character named Sifen who believes that rationality is highly important for modernization in Ethiopia. He forms a secret government named 444 that uses laws of nature to fight poverty, false philosophies, useless traditions and poor leaderships. The group starts to gain limelight for their revolutionary struggle and several others emerge who oppose them. Sifen and his friends get captured by the law enforcement and get branded as a “terrorist organization”. Their troubles increase as a former member leaks their secrets. Despite all the obstacles and the dangers, they do not give up and make an effort to follow the path they have chosen to bring the much-needed change in the society.

The book is composed of different chapters that are quick to read and understand. Although the centerline of the book is based on a social perspective, the interesting story line and the characters keep the readers gripped to the book. The vivid descriptions of the characters help the reader indulge themselves into the shoes of the characters and their thoughts in the story.

The story features a constant showdown between the current and the existing ideologies in the society and emphasizes on the significance of the change in the current scenario for a better society. It is evident from the history of mankind that change is not an easy process; it is supported by some and opposed by many. Similarly, Sifen and his friends struggle to bring that change in the Ethiopian society while facing opposition from the religious groups, the government, and others. The question is whether they’ll be able to succeed in the endeavor.

Leul’s way of narrating the story has been appreciated by the readers and he’s excited to debut into the world of writing a novel with a societal perspective.

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