Honest Hockey Announces It\’s Guide to Fitting Hockey Skates

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Honest Hockey announces it’s Complete Guide to Fitting Hockey Skates, a comprehensive infographic designed to walk buyers through every step they need to take when finding the right pair of skates.

Honest Hockey, a website designed to helping consumers make more informed decisions when buying hockey equipment, anounces the launch of an infographic designed to help competitive hockey players select the best pair of skates possible.

According to Honest Hockey’s Founder, Casey Ames:

“We all want to get the pair of perfect skates, but with such an abundance of brands and types of skates on the market, there are actually tons of factors that go into this decision! In an effort to simplify this process, we created an infographic designed to walk you through the process of fitting skates.”

A few factors that the infographic encourages you to pay attention to our:

• Size: Your skate size should be 1-2 sizes smaller than your normal shoe size

• Skate Stiffness: More aggressive players should go with a stiffer fit than those with less experience

• Baking Your Skates: When purchasing your skates, make sure to have the store “bake” them before you leave. This is the process of heating skates so that they then mold to a players feet.

Honest Hockey also explains two tests that can be used to test the fit of the skates: the Pencil Test and the Finger Test.

In the Pencil Test, a pencil is laid accross the eyelets of the skate, about 3 eyelets down. If the pencil lies flat without rocking back and forth, the skate has a good fit. If the pencil hits one’s foot without touching the eyelets, the fit of the skate is too snug.

In the Finger Test, a player laces up and crouches into hockey stance. If they are able to fit more than one finger between their heel and the skate, the fit is too loose.

To view the infographic, along with reviews of a wide variety of hockey products, visit the Honest Hockey website here: http://www.honesthockey.com/guide-fitting-skates/

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