Small business funding aimed at helping entrepreneurs

Carter Funding Corporation is offering help to entrepreneurs looking for quick and easy funding solutions to keep their business afloat or to scale up and ensure that cash flow requirements for the short term are adequately met.

Memphis, TN – Small business funding by Carter Funding Corporation has made it easy for businesses to get capital for their ventures. This funding aims to help businesses through all stages of their growth, from startup to scaling up. Small businesses typically find it hard to survive the initial phase of their existence, and this is when small business funding is the most important. However, there are few traditional lenders that will risk offering a loan to a newly established venture.

For 22 years, Carter Funding Corporation has been offering services aimed at helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. The funding is easily available and requires minimal paperwork. Carter Funding Corporation is an A+ accredited business with the BBB which  makes their service trustworthy. The funding provided by CFC can be used for many things… upgrade or purchase new equipment, expand their pool of employees or simply pay bills. Another reason small businesses need these funds might be to create a credible online presence; whether  an official new website, blog, promotional drives, or an ecommerce store.

The applications for new clients are usually approved within 36 hours. Once a new client is approved, future funding can occur the same day.  Since Carter Funding Corporation offers factoring and not loans,  the approval process is much quicker and easier. Factoring does not add  debt to the liability side  of the business balance sheet, so, the financial strength of the small business is much improved.

There is no cost for application and upon approval,  minimal cost at closing.

Those interested can find more information about Carter Funding Corporation on Google+ as well as visiting their website at

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Company Name: Carter Funding Corporation
Contact Person: Chuck Carter
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