Local Garage Door Company Scores High Marks for Customer Service

Hot Springs, AR – Local Hot Springs company  The Garage Door Guy Corp recently scored very high marks for their customer service. The company which bases its entire business model on outstanding customer service used secret shoppers and various other tests to ensure that their policies and procedures were being followed to the letter. Not only did their employees pass, they excelled with every challenge thrown their way.

“When we launched the company,” said company spokesman Kris Taylor, “we were always determined to make customer service the ethos of our company. People are understandably, never keen on having strangers in their home, and we wanted to ensure that we would cause as little interruption and hassle as possible. That’s why we only employ the best people and then spent time and effort enduring that they exceed every and all expectations. It may sound old fashioned, but we believe that manners and customer service go a long way, and that is why we have invested so much time and money into it. We are both thrilled and delighted with these results and feel that this demonstrates perfectly, that we are on the right path.”

The Garage Door Guy Corp Is a family run business that installs custom garage doors. They also provide a full garage door repair service for both residential and business customers. Their door design service from start to finish, and can incorporate a sliding door style or overhead doors,  and  they pride themselves on their customer service, and lack of disruption to the client. They also provide a 24 hour a day same day service for their customers.

If you are in the market for a new garage door, or need your current one serviced, and want to have confidence in the workmanship and customer service then contact Garage door Guy Corp at thegaragedoorguycorp.com

Media Contact
Company Name: The Garage Door Guy Corp
Contact Person: Kris Taylor
Email: garagedoorrepairlr@gmail.com
Phone: (501) 547-8797
Address:3 Pintuerero Lane
City: Hot Springs Village
State: AR
Country: United States
Website: http://www.thegaragedoorguycorp.com/