Chinese Pingshu Master Hits YouTube

Pingshu is an ancient yet modern form of storytelling, performed by the actor/actress usually in front of the public.

Shan Tianfang, a 83 year old Pingshu master with more than 6 decades of performance life, has decided of making his YouTube debut in 2015. Shan opens his Pingshu YouTube channel ( with the help of a Chinese SNS company, TCB (The China Box).

It is not easy for a senior inheritor of intangible cultural heritage to make such a decision, putting works on the Internet, especially YouTube, a Chinese government blocked video site. As YouTube is a great arena for nearly everyone of uploading his/her video in different categories, China would not give up to encourage its people using this platform to boost the “Culture Going-out Strategy” as a balance to those negative info. This is partly why Shan Tianfang would not get into trouble after his YouTube channel has been set up back to December in 2015.

Shan’s channel plans to upload more than 10,000 episodes of the show within a year, it has obtained more than 260, 000 views and 180 comments in about 7 months, this is a good news for Shan and his fans, but this is also far from enough to reach the goal of attracting all the fans of master Shan through out the whole internet.

Along with Shan’s Pingshu channel, TCB also helps a small group running another YouTube channel (, which goal is to make itself as the base of the coolest and hottest, the most updated and trendy videos.

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Company Name: TCB
Contact Person: Iikurumi
Phone: 13911016902
Country: United States