Ariel Royce won “10 Best-selling Serums Award”

In the end of June, 2016, the female magazine Beauty & Style surveyed 100 beauty experts, make up artists and dermatologists, as well as 500 females from internet, and finally selected 10 best-selling with great effect on the market. Hyal Premium Essential by Ariel Royce ranked top 2 due to its visible results and high cost performance ratio.

According to Beauty & Style, Hyal Premium Essential “contains powerful ingredients that nourishes skin cells while keeping the skin itself hydrated. It does not reduce or remove moisture, rather it draws moisture from the atmosphere unto your skin. The patented TLS technology kicks into preserve existing and renewed ‘youth capital’ by controlling cellular energy efficiency levels. 92% of women noticed their fine lines looked reduced and their skin looked more radiant.”

Ariel Royce won “10 Best-selling Serums Award”

The Hyal Premium Essential is a high concentration treatment that delivers preventive and curative action to aging skin and offers winkle correction, four key components make up youth-enhancing formulation, starting with the reparative process Powered by three highly absorbent active ingredient. This stimulates the production of Niacinamide,Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Hyaluronic Acid – keys to a more bright, taut and youthful mien. The technology works in conjunction with a restructuring complex that sparks a rebuilding effect, boosting the formation and function of collagen and skin’s density. Meanwhile, the 3D Hyaluronic Acid patent, which is at the heart of all Ariel Royce formulas, further optimizes cellular metabolism to kick-start the skin’s self-regeneration process. Hyaluronic Acid carries as much as 1000 times more moisture than ordinary moisturizing ingredients, which leaves skin soft, hydrated and glowing. Visible results are almost immediate and come in the form of a complexion that is smoother and whiter, firmer and more radiant.

Established in New York, Ariel Royce is a science-based company: years of research and development with top experts go into creating high-performance skincare products. In 2015, as the brand continues to pursue beauty, Ariel Royce travelled the miles to bring its philosophy and technology to South Korea, where their laboratory is established to elaborately create products that are dedicated to Asian women’s skins. Now, Ariel Royce at the forefront of innovation and use only the latest available ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones. The skincare products are used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas for daily homecare and to complement aesthetic procedures.

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