Samsung executive Lee Kun-hee, now nine weeks should be.

To my great president Lee kun hee.

“Unlike the past, the company is now creating an ecosystem that grows with the company and not to push the competitor is the winner. It should be ensured that a lot of companies that help their businesses like Google, Alibaba, and Facebook. Not the best player that’s talking about should be the nine weeks. Samsung Electronics has been back and forth between the player and the best nine weeks. “

East bakcheonung spring Asset Management Representative (pictured) holds a lot compared to other fund management companies within the Samsung Electronics Co. in a recent meeting with reporters, said spot, but Samsung, saying the future is thus determined depending on how the future turns.

First night was hailed as representing a great executive chairman Lee Kun-hee of Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics is that the call made to raise management of top fighters evolve to the next stage a “sense of crisis” hit every time with various difficulties and limitations.

But night Representative pointed out that Samsung has focused to become the best player meantime. While immersed in a zero-sum (see the end to see the damage the interests of the other side) games that will be focused on winning the competition it was in the existing market. The last runner of the best players now is Microsoft. Microsoft was able to grow into a huge enterprise with proprietary competitors and market entry exams, etc. Jersey leverage position. Now transformed into “donation angel” is also one of the two face-founder Bill Gates.

Park representatives explained, “that the best player will be replaced at one point better than the players comes.” “Now growing smartphone also reached the limits ratgo important time to secure new growth engines of Samsung Electronics,” he said.

Following “Samsung is nine weeks should be a company that makes the best companies to work for their own players,” said “In the future, the more and more companies to work for their company is likely to succeed in the market,” he added.

Typical representatives of businesses you plug into night, nine weeks’ is Google, Alibaba, Facebook and more. They are to collaborate with other companies than pushing the competitors The company created a new market found a raised pie. Founders are also existing businesses and is a completely different look.

Of one people co-founder Larry Page, Google has said that “Google’s long-term vision is to develop technologies that can contribute to society through collaboration between companies,” often in public.

Alibaba founder mawin as abusive as well have said, “Alibaba’s business model is growing SMEs and accompanied.”
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, he has already announced that it will donate 99% of Facebook shares with the birth of first daughter. Most of Facebook advertisers are also continuing to work with the SME unstoppable indeda competitors. In particular, he has covered me and strengthened partnerships with domestic companies such as Samsung Galaxy S7 month unpack ‘surprise’ appearance on the stage event held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Representative Park said, saying “These entrepreneurs can not have in the past not understand common sense,” “examples of companies that have vertical relationships the company now bears a horizontal relationship rather than as in the past that a global company.”

Representative night served as Merrill Lynch Investment Managers’s (United Kingdom, Singapore unyongyeok), Morgan Stanley Research Division, including a former analyst at Hyundai Securities.

Since 2005, Woori Investment & Securities Authority, served as president and Research Division International Division representative. Mirae Asset Global Investments In 2010 he joined the international marketing representatives took until early 2012, the Hong Kong legal representative. After moving the spot in the East it was reconstructed in the spring Myeongga funds. The assessment that the international sense and insight is excellent.

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