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22 July, 2016 –, the renowned online platform that provides detailed reviews and ratings about the applications to help the developers promote their apps in Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Mac Store. This website offers the developers the much needed chance to get reliable, honest and straight forward reviews about their apps.

Besides, users of this app will be able to earn when they provide informative reviews about the best money-making app by various developers. The site of Best Review App is the best abode that offers useful review services for the iOS developers, Android developers and Mac developers for more than 3 years. This website is the best choice of reviewers who are keen to provide very honest and reliable reviews.

App developers who love to get the reviews about their apps can follow some simple steps for submitting the review about different apps. App developers just need to type in their email id, provide the link of their apps, they can also choose the number of app reviews they would like to purchase and the details of the countries that they wish to be reviewed. As soon as such details are given by the app developers, the BestReviewApp site make sure that it grabs the best reviews about the app of the developer.

Theteamat makes sure that only the reviews written by real users residing across the world are considered for sending it to the developers. This way, users in every corner of the world would be able to express their opinions, suggestions and views about any app of their choice without any issues. This, in turn would help increase app downloads among the mobile-phone users.

Regular app users who are interested to become a reviewer must also follow some easy steps. The first step would be to search in the category section to find the app that arouses their interest. Then they must download the app and use it to get the fullest experience. As a reviewer they will have 24 hours time to review an app right from their time of app download.

The next step is to pen down an honest and straight forward review about the app to let the others know its usefulness or learn more about its positive aspects. Such reviews written by the real users are aimed to promote apps by developers as it will help the others know whether it meets their requirements. However, the reviewer will lose the chance to review that app if the submission is not made within 24 hours. Also the app would be available for other reviewers. When the review gets verified completely, the reviewer would get a prompt payment at their PayPal account.


The website of offers excellent app promotion services for iOS developers, Android and Mac developers to offer a helping hand to grab users’ attention. The site makes sure that the real users write the reviews along with their real ratings to improve its popularity.

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