The Enhanced BlockChain Californium platform’s New Function“Training” is to be online – Artificial intelligence for the foreseeable future

Recently, reporters have learned from the QITS company that at present, a variety of the industrial application products of the Californium have been developed. However, the internal measurement has been carried out on the artificial intelligence called the “Training”, which will produce the revolutionary overturning effect for the financial index.  

Based on the protocol of the HyperLedger and the RIPPLE of the IBM development Blockchain technology, the “Californium” is the enhanced block chain platform developed by the Israeli quantum intelligent technology limited. Based on the approximate structure and the algorithm of the neural network and the quantum computation, the platform can solve the algorithm by searching for the optimal problem, which is the open artificial intelligence neural network and the quantum simulation algorithm processor.

In the issuing mechanism of the Californium, every wallet node has one most basic goal–obtaining most of the issues. However, with different functions, the goal is controlled by the Californium so that the corresponding problems can be solved with the issue of the Californium system. For example, we expect that the Californium system can be used to predict the gold price. We should set up one function. The attitude and opinion of every wallet user towards the relevant or the irrelevant indexes of the gold can be obtained through the function. Besides, the feedback can be carried out to the Californium network through the design way of the function. The continual training and the deviation value adjustment can be carried out on the Californium network through every entering state so that the gold price can be predicted more and more accurately at last. Every node of the Californium system is one intelligent brain, some problems of the social and economic prediction can be solved by the advantage of the Californium system network, such as the prediction of the stock gains, the trend of the gold price, the exchange rate of the national currency, the trend of the global economy etc.

The technical director of the company introduces that the internal measurement has been carried out on the artificial intelligence called the “Training”. At first, the online function is to predict towards the most important stock indexes of the NASDAQ, FTSE, N225 in the world. Through the nodes, the users can carry out the prediction training continually towards the indexes of the future time node of the stock market and adjust the deviation. If the prediction training of the users is right, more issuing yields can be obtained. With the continual expansion and the connection establishment of the Californium network node, the Californium artificial intelligence prediction will become more and more accurate, which is the revolutionary product for the prediction of the future financial index. 

The artificial intelligence technology develops continually. We can predict that the future artificial intelligence technology will change our way of life completely.

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