Learn About the Stephenville House of Horrors

STEPHENVILLE, TX – 22 July, 2016 – ‘Twas a day in July and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.  This now quiet home which, was once graced with a beautiful, happy boy, has suffered a loss when this boy’s father snatched him out of anger and fear.

The boys’ wonderful mom, Kristin Mack, who is usually of good cheer, is saddened by the emptiness she feels from the loss of her baby and worries about his life in terror.  The man who has snatched him from this dear mom, has a violent past that everyone in Stephenville should take ear.  

When Kristin was eight months pregnant with her dear baby Landon, his dad grabbed her neck and pushed her to the floor.   After that fateful day, Kristin then feared for her life, and that of the unborn Landon too, that she left him at once, and got on the interstate to drive to a safer place. 

She boxed all her stuff and called the Yucaipa, California police, and they escorted her out of this miserable place.

She peacefully drove a few hours leaving fear behind to find a better life for her and Landon at her friend’s house in Phoenix.  Her friend treated Landon’s mom well by cooking for her and washing her feet, and stood by her side until Landon made his grand entrance to the world.

Kristin was overwhelmed with joy from the birth of the most beautiful baby she had ever seen.  He had a beautiful round face, big brown eyes, and lips and long eyeless that would be the envy of every boy and girl he saw.

Although Kristin still suffered with fear from the man that always called her a bitch, wrecked her car, killed her pets and pushed her down when Landon was in her belly, she decided to notify the boy’s father that the child they conceived was born.  She invited him to the hospital to see their small child, but the coward man declined stating he was too busy and didn’t need to be bothered with another kid, he said he already had two of them and was fine.

Kristin held baby Landon with care and couldn’t help but continually stare for the beauty of this child was unbelievable to her. Every day and night she cared for this little boy with continual feedings, lots of mom and son bonding, and changing the drawers.  As Landon grew to a mere 3-weeks old, it was time to continue on with Elizabeth to Japan so mom would have her friend by her side and safe care for her baby boy.  They traveled first class and arrived safely and enjoyed their time in a place full of kind and happy people.

She brought Landon back to the US and settled in California to finish her college degree and live near her parents.  She raised little Landon all on her own, with no family help and very few visits from his dad until he was almost full-grown. 

This little boy Landon was so special to Kristin he motivated her to do her best and made her laugh and smile all of the time.  She held Landon tightly in her arms when she got her Bachleor’s in Business degree, and Landon stood by her side when she became an officer in the United States Navy. 

Kristin raised Landon with great care, but when Landon was about 12 he started to act up in school so she sent him to stay with his dad, even though she was scared.  She called him often and visited him too, then kept picking him up and taking him home with her because she worried so much for his safety.

Kristin feared the abusive man would abuse Landon just like he did to her and his other kids as she witnessed during the brief time when they were together.

When Kristin let Landon go back to Stephenville to visit, his dad kept him 6 months out of deceit without letting her visit.  He then filed in anger with the Stephenville courts to try and banish his mom’s rights to see Landon forever, just as he successfully did with his other three kids. 

The saddest part of this tale is it’s all about control that Landon’s dad wants with this mom’s child, by taking him away and not allowing her to visit.  When His dad was asked why he wanted my child, I was told he wanted to make him a football star.

Now His dad has kidnapped Landon with disregard for the law, violating the judge’s court order.  His dad failed to surrender Landon to see his mom on Thanskgiving break. This is surely not the love that Landon deserves.

This is the fourth year Landon has gone without seeing his mom, Kristin, he is hurt, confused and sad. 

City of Stephenville, the court system has let Landon down by granting this abusive and violent man custody of Landon and allowing him to take this violent control of an innocent child who now lives in fear, and will say whatever the abuser wants in order to avoid punishment. 

Now Landon is trapped at Landon’s dad’s house in Stephenville. There is an appeal court date pending in Eastland, Texas, but the judges are taking their time in making a decision. Kristin as stressed to them about Landon’s abusive situation.

We need your love and support to get Landon away from this abuser, and back into the loving arms of his mom. 

Thank you very much,

Love, peace and blessings, and to all a good nite, I will see you soon and hopefully in better cheer.

Kristin Mack.

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