Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee, 50 kinds of excellent achievements

To my great president, Lee kun hee

Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee (73 years old) are the two battled. He set himself the task of writing the words of inpatient hospital officials Samsung, LA Do you have open communication about difficult, and unfortunately those who love the Samsung Group Chairman Lee. I wish you full recovery.

I’d like to sum up the ideas floated August 16 Francis Pope to visit a place of prayer, Jung-gu, Seoul Seosomun walking down the Holy Land (Park) “There are outstanding achievements of Lee Kun-hee, chairman of Samsung Group of 50” who began creating its own view.
While walking in the park clean as I thought haebwatseupnida. Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee is confident that the activities I’ve lived in large, chairman of South Korea in the same era, a proud person is born of Korea.
Below are the author summarized the achievements of the own Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee. The “outstanding achievements of 50 kinds of Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee.” However, it is incomplete.
• ensure that Korea is a great country in the world to the brain Korean simeojun
• investments in semiconductors, making pioneer contributions to the global Internet world,
• 20 million people in nearly made it work in a Samsung, a large-scale corporate giants of the era
• Korean tycoon informed of the Korean people who live or lived since Tangun national backbone the nations
Samseongmaen evolved – • Lee of Samsung Group, Samsung aqueous two years as CEO succeeding founding President

• company created by the genius of Samsung brand is a famous brand by Coca-Cola
• Korea is a divided country with entrepreneurs who contributed greatly to making the world’s top 10 economies
• excellent corporate executives made 1st Republic of Korea now students want to incident
• do except enjoy the children shouted bakkujago corporate reform – corporate progressives
• Samsung seungbusa make your smartphone as a global luxury standard in the hands of the world

• remaining outstanding entrepreneurs in the Gyeongsang-do not go all the way up to power by former Gyeongsang
• philosopher gave us the spirit of enterprise in a short language to all citizens enemies company
• “Korea Politics is four kinds,” said a businessman who boldly criticized the political courage
• earth is the leader of South Korea advanced enterprise gave hope to many developing countries planted entrepreneurs
• up to 100 Daifugō world as a Korean name from the rich world gave up the utmost pride in Koreans
• car while enjoying the speed, one step one step to grow as a global company Samsung made a hero
• Samsung employees to “best company to work in Korea” are business owners who have constantly tried to instill pride
• Give me back the earnings of the workers dared to bepul sound by giving the highest salary that has maintained the myth of fire (不) union executive
• union base to keep coming even deokjang conglomerates type of industrial harmony created by the new model rather than controversy labor shedding blood mutual
• increase every year without decreasing the development of media advertising for entrepreneurs who have contributed to Korea media industry

• Samsung Lee Kun-hee, look at the column management is aware of one of a transparent business management adheres well established outgoing Samsung today
• “salrinda 10 million people to feed one person a genius!” Encourages the genius thing seungbusa a company destined to natural excavations
• going well now, or follow behind, the hind legs entrepreneurs who did not hang out well. Only differentiated between managers and the company roadway.
• chairman Lee Kun-hee, an analyst with the eyes Nami is an excellent analyst never see the answer came from the grasp of the principles in its first
• go to work early in the morning and early afternoon off work 7-4 operate a commute agent, made the company a morning waking Strategist

• learn to live without knowing, smart phones for the first time when it came out completely decomposed, it dug to explore its secrets
• The Chairman Lee Kun-hee is designed to change the world, said chongryeok pioneer in Lean design with improved quality of Samsung products
• Chairman Lee Kun-hee is preferential, progressive and well done man-made Samsung to develop. Deals with Samsung’s strategist, made the top companies in Korea
• father, Lee, Samsung take decades me bitter lessons founding president of business executives in an aqueous early filial
• Business Owner reserves while the unionization placing the ransom of the best Korean workers who have multiple workers happy

• a broadcaster who had been working in the Tongyang Broadcasting foster such as daily newspaper JoongAng Ilbo, the total number of forces in the media group changdal botaen
• boguk practice of corporate entrepreneurship and Samsung, place the national status of the Republic of Korea South Korea is one born of emergency management
• chairman Lee Kun-hee was a youth wrestler seungbusa been soaked body sportsmanship victory in Business Management
• Geeks are keeping the left arm, right arm and watched the adaptability of the month (?). Tacticians who have demonstrated the destructive power base that whenever the company difficult.
• proactive in the future also in ’10 Now close your eyes and contemplate, business leaders know the degree level’d see into the future like a Christian
• Korea is underdeveloped type of corporate staggered every time I got a life and death changed the regime Chairman Lee Kun-hee is the Seine stiffness human groups passed (氣) the tough waves
• Note the owner of the pontoon such charisma that has the power dissipation of dynamic management as mukeon go a long silence and brief remarks
• wateuna reducing end of life yet always the same, reducing the acumen may have been a scintillating entrepreneurs say
• was a colony of Japan in the past, luxury Koreans figured brought the country a small company, Samsung Electronics of Korea was poor, rough war with the world’s top electronics company
• top-notch corporate executives who now is the marathoner ever let go all at one goal, before the change of heart leap samseongmaen
• enthusiasts around the world ever is a consumer-oriented technology products to Samsung’s Chairman Lee Kun-hee. 5 Oceans six weeks of consumers genius mind reader read out the desires
• Chairman Lee Kun-hee was predicted to come into the possession of every one era to daekkol for mobile phones. Because of predictable Samsung became the global leader. He forecasters future
• company should do things that can contribute to society, samyeongja out on the relationship between companies and the relative social, social reforms in water and meat, the mission
• When I visited Samsung Medical Center “should be kind, even if the amount of work in half,” he was a social reformer settled allocution, friendly
• “large and small are a couple,” said Say, large-generalized that the philosophy of co-existence, with – symbiosis between SMEs together who shared growth
• “Samsung will do our corporate social responsibility, am the people,” he stressed been, a distinct corporate pavilions and the total number of people who
• predicted that “the 21st century is changing fast and severe than expected.” President and luminaries who have a keen response to the rapid changes well pandanga
• founding chairman of Samsung founder Lee left a listen hwiho is the successor to former Chairman Lee Kun-hee as an inheritance. This habit of listening to hear someone else say well made Chairman Lee Kun-hee of the day.
• Chairman Lee Kun-hee has been advised to look at the different perspective, such as the protagonist, supporting actor, writer to watch a movie. He Thinker multi our efforts to see the world from a new perspective different
• “it will be good at all dirty or the Republic of Korea made public. I have stressed that only plays only a small part.” Lee Kun-hee is the know how to be humble humility
Many outstanding people will not allow the others to follow. Former player won a gold medal at the Olympic Games the world will gather to compete for superiority in skill players are all second to all those who follow others. They are ttage the gold medal in the sport. But Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee was born in South Korea enjoys a variety of bodybuilder to disallow others to follow. You will see that with the greatness of human. I tried to clean up the outstanding achievements of Chairman Lee Kun-hee reflected in my eyes, it is assumed that there may be a part.

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