Polished Gentleman Announces Grand Opening Sale for New Beard Growth Conditioner

CLEARWATER, FL – 22 July, 2016 – In honor of the release of one of their newest products, Polished Gentleman is making their Beard Growth Conditioner available for a reduced price. This will allow interested men, or their caring girlfriends, to purchase the natural and organic formula for a fraction of the price.

Available in two sizes, Small Beard (4 ounces) and Respectable Beard (8 ounces), each product is approximately 30% off the regular price, at $6 and $10 off respectively. But this Grand Opening Sale will only be in effect for the next two weeks, so anyone looking to take advantage of the savings will want to do so quickly—before the prices jump up again.

These discounts give the consumer yet more bang for their buck than they were already getting before. Many companies that tout an all natural and organic formula, devoid of chemicals, will charge an arm and a leg for it while at the same time literally watering the formula down, making it that much less effective. Polished Gentleman does not do this. In addition to making their products as affordable as possible, they also refuse to use any fillers that might weaken the efficacy of the product. Instead of finding water to be the first ingredient, buyers will instead see that organic aloe vera forms the base of this conditioner. This means that one of the superfoods that this product derives its power from actually makes up a large percentage of the formula itself, instead of the usual trace amount many other products get away with.

In addition to the aloe vera is raw organic manuka honey—a honey so powerful it was recently approved by the FDA as a medical device and is now used in hospitals to help treat and heal skin wounds. Cehami, oat amino protein, tapioca starch, and more join it. To stimulate facial hair growth, rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint are added. And, in order to keep these ingredients operating at their fullest potential, all chemicals and irritants are left out. Plus, the formula is carefully pH balanced to match the natural pH level of the hair and scalp; this yet lessens any possibility for irritation or dryness and creates a better environment for healing to take place in.

Polished Gentleman wants to create the highest quality men’s hair care products for the best price. This Grand Opening Sale is just another step toward achieving that aim.

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