BoldLeads Announces New Educational Programs Available Through Video Training Library

CHANDLER, AZ – 22 July, 2016 – BoldLeads co-founder Danny Loschiavo is announcing the release of a newly expanded video training library in support of the real estate agents utilizing the BoldLeads platform. The video training library includes new webinars and training sessions in which lead conversions, statistical analysis and market trends are covered with significant depth.

Danny Loschiavo of BoldLeads is announcing the immediate release of new educational programs to be added to the company’s video training library. BoldLeads, a platform designed to assist real estate agents in generating buyer and seller leads and subsequently converting those leads into commissions, already has a comprehensive video training library in place through which it ensures agents using the platform are able to realize the greatest possible benefit.

A consistent advocate for continuing education, Loschiavo co-founded the BoldLeads platform with the goal of creating a means through which the process of generating buyer and seller leads could be made far more efficient while generating consistently high-quality leads. The BoldLeads platform is outfitted with a number of exceptional tools designed to achieve these results, but the company believes agents can consistently yield the best possible results by incorporating comprehensive educational offerings among the tools already included in the platform.

“We feel that CRM integration, behavior-based follow-up, lead routing and fully managed campaigns are all critical contributors to the success of the BoldLeads platform, but we also believe that making continuing education programs available on a widespread basis ensures our agents get the most of the tools we provide,” said Loschiavo. “With the additions to our video training library and the ongoing training sessions and webinars we make available, we believe that the BoldLeads platform is the most effective and comprehensive platform on the market today.”

The new additions to the BoldLeads video training library are available on an immediate basis, with the company expecting to announce more additions in the near future.

About BoldLeads

Danny Loschiavo and Christine Crane co-founded BoldLeads in order to address an area of inefficiency within the real estate industry. Through comprehensive tools and support, the BoldLeads platform is designed to enable real estate agents to generate and convert real estate leads quickly and effectively.

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