Psychic Medium Victoria Ackerman Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary As Founder of The Spirit University

Victoria Ackerman, founder of The Spirit University in Sarasota, FL

Have you ever had a spiritual experience that you just couldn’t understand?  Millions of people have—and I assure you, it is not easy to find meaningful answers for the questions that ensue. But when you do find them, life becomes more joyful, and rich with possibilities.

The term “psychic” describes someone who is able to perceive things beyond the realm of the five senses. While many people tentatively acknowledge this ability, they are naturally guarded and suspicious (on some level) about whether it really exists. And that concern is understandable.

In 2006, Victoria Ackerman found her own world profoundly changed when she had a near-death experience. In the aftermath of that incident, she found that her psychic and mediumistic abilities had been awakened; she felt strongly connected to the other side. Her personal transformation allowed her to realize that everyone has the ability to become more attuned to the divine. The experience inspired her to found The Spirit University so that others could learn to connect with their own divine potential and explore their spiritual abilities.

Today Ackerman is celebrating her fifth anniversary as founder of The Spirit University, in Sarasota, FL—an organization that aims to preserve the spiritual arts in a non-religious setting.  Students travel from all over the state to take courses at its affiliated center, which trains them to develop their psychic skills and mediumistic abilities, and provides instruction in everything from reiki energy healing to traditional meditation and enhancing intuition.  

Teachers, researchers and other experts from all over the world also come to Sarasota to lecture and lead activities and events on behalf of The Spirit University.  “Our goal is to foster a community of spiritual seekers who are constantly challenging the boundaries of their understanding,” says Ackerman. “We want to create enriching experiences for our participants, and provide them with a safe, nurturing environment in which to make new discoveries.”

Ackerman takes her work with The Spirit University seriously and treats it with the utmost integrity, reverence and respect. As she explains, “When I help people connect with their loved ones on the ‘other side’ and bring them some peace, comfort, love and closure—or when I show them how to receive and understand their own guidance and answers—then I feel I have accomplished my purpose.  My gift really lies in sharing my own spiritual development with others so that they can go on to develop their own gifts. “

Ackerman offers frequent public demonstrations that provide audiences with an opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship—and she always delivers her message with a distinctive combination of humor, intensity, and compassion. When she contacts those who have passed on, she validates that they wish to communicate with us as much as we do them. As she works, Ackerman explains to listeners how she is connecting to spirit and elaborates on the different forms that spirit uses to send messages through her.

Every week, The Spirit University facilitates fascinating lectures, events, conversations, webcasts and workshops. Everyone is welcome to be part of the spiritual conversation!

On September 17, 2016, the organization will welcome famed neurosurgeon Eben Alexander to the Players Theater in Sarasota for a presentation entitled “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey through the Afterlife.”  Dr. Alexander appeared with Oprah Winfrey on her show shortly after publishing his book by the same name, in which he shared the wisdom gained from his own near-death experience. (For more info on this event, visit
On October 5, 2017, Noreen Renier— “The Psychic Detective” and author of A Mind for Murder: The Real-Life Files of a Psychic Investigator— will discuss her experiences working over 600 unsolved cases with the FBI and law enforcement agencies from 38 states and six countries.  Local law enforcement will be in attendance for a lively question and answer period. (For more info on this event, visit
For information on The Spirit University, Victoria Ackerman, or any of the events above, please contact Harald Anderson, 941-735-1112,

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