Marlon Kobacker of Sustainable Future Group Announces Development of New Green Design Principles

Marlon Kobacker, director of Sustainable Future Group, is announcing the development and release of new sustainable design principles created with the goal of enhancing sustainability performance in industries that have lagged behind due to issues associated with technological advancement and capital cost barriers.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 23 July, 2016 – Sustainable Future Group Director Marlon Kobacker is no stranger to innovation, as the sustainable design and renewable energy expert has remained at the forefront of his industry due to his ability to consistently advance new and highly effective design principles aimed at enhancing sustainability across a wide range of projects. With the announcement that Sustainable Future Group has developed and is now releasing a set of new principles for utilization in green design, Kobacker continues to demonstrate a clear and exceptional aptitude for creativity and conceptualization with regard to sustainability performance.

“There is still so much our industry is capable of achieving through an ongoing commitment to innovation as well as the continued advancement of sustainable design principles and practices,” said Kobacker. “Sustainable Future Group is committed to leading the way in this regard, and we are certainly excited about the future possibilities associated with the release of these newly developed green design principles.”

The newly released design concepts and principles developed by Kobacker and Sustainable Future Group – which are currently outlined and available for review on Stuart Lyall’s digital travel publication – focus primarily on the industries in which sustainability performance has seemingly lagged behind. The air travel industry is one of the most frequently cited in terms of the ongoing and relatively sizable environmental impact for which it is responsible, demonstrating the clear need for technical advancement that improves sustainability performance while also reducing operating costs.

“We feel that these new principles and practices will contribute to the further removal of any capital cost barriers associated with the implementation of sustainable design in any number of industries, including the air travel industry,” said Kobacker. “It is a very exciting time to be involved in these clean energy projects and we will certainly remain committed to the kind of innovation that continues to advance the industry ever forward.”

About Marlon Kobacker

Sustainable design and renewable energy expert Marlon Kobacker is the director of Sustainable Future Group, where he provides technical advice and funding opportunities to clients seeking to reduce environmental impact as well as operational costs through enhanced sustainability performance.

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