Ex-Pastor’s New Book Says Christians Don’t Have to Go to Church

Artist, animator, and ex-pastor, Richard Jacobson, has written a controversial new book: Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity. This book makes a single, yet controversial, claim: not only is it possible to have genuine church community without special church buildings and senior pastors, but it is actually more biblical to do so.

Millions of believers are now rejecting organized church. Ex-pastor and author, Richard Jacobson, doesn’t think they’re wrong for doing so. In fact, Jacobson has just written a controversial new book which insists organized churches are actually unbiblical. Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity thoroughly deconstructs the organized church model, challenging special church buildings, senior pastors, weekly sermons, mandatory tithes and offerings, gender inequality in church leadership and more. However, Unchurching wasn’t written to attack today’s churchgoers, but to encourage today’s church dropouts.

Unchurching: Christianity without Churchianity validates and empowers the rapidly growing number of people who are in the transition between traditional church and an informal community of disciples meeting outside the four walls of the church building,” says Felicity Dale, author and co-founder of House2House Ministries. “Richard Jacobson has been on both sides of this shift and is uniquely qualified to write about it—which he does well, with insight, humility, and scholarship. I especially valued his comments on the freedom that women have to do and be everything God is calling them to. Highly recommended.”

Jacobson hopes Unchurching will help believers separate genuine church community from today’s church model. In doing so, he hopes to give non-churchgoers a vision for spiritual community “outside the box” and equip them to articulate that vision to others.

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About The Author

In 2003, Richard Jacobson quit his job as a full-time pastor because he concluded the church was never intended to become a corporation like the organized churches we see today. In order to rally other believers around that realization, Jacobson created the animated YouTube channel Church Anarchist as well as the Unchurching blog. His writings, animations, and cartoons continue to grow in popularity as more and more believers walk away from the organized church.

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