United Card Solutions Offers Advice for Companies Who Haven’t Met EMV Compliance

United Card Solutions
While switching to EMV won’t pose immediate fines or threats for merchants, it can save money over time

United Card Solutions is offering advice for businesses of all sizes who have yet to meet EMV compliance. In September 2015, just 22 percent of companies had made the changes necessary to meet the new EMV mandate, and many small and large businesses are still grappling with the transition.

According to United Card Solutions, businesses that haven’t switched over could face major liability and financial burdens for customers who have fraudulent activity stemming from their card readers. The new EMV technology, which has been available in European countries for years, is designed to reduce overall fraud rates. The technology makes it harder for thieves to take electronic information by encrypting data, a move that makes it more expensive and challenging for card thieves to steal electronic information.

The United Card Solutions has a simple message for businesses who have yet to switch over to EMV technology. According to the company, the transition is a fast and painless process that will help companies further protect their customers while also providing another blanket of liability security. When companies switch over to EMV card readers, they can rest assured that they are offering customers the best level of service while protecting their financial liability in the event of fraudulent activity.

While business owners won’t owe hefty penalties for not switching to EMV technology, the hovering risk of liability rests upon their shoulders.

United Card Solutions notes that many American consumers have yet to switch over to chip cards, but the change is happening. Many consumers are still in the dark on exactly what EMV technology is, but EMV card readers located within businesses are prompting customers to inquire. This process is helping to lead consumers to ask about the benefits of chip cards. Although “dipping the chip” can take longer, it helps customers pay with confidence, and more and more consumers are making the change. According to United Card Solutions, the change will happen, and merchants need to be ready.

The team at United Card Solutions works with companies of all sizes to provide leading edge card payment solutions, including EMV technology integration, by delivering sleek, streamlined credit card terminals, wireless credit card terminals, point of sale systems, debit pin pads, and more. Whether retailers, e-commerce shops, wireless merchants, or merchants who are looking for the best credit card payment solutions, the client care team at United Card Solutions is on standby to help. Clients can receive a free over the phone consultation to help find powerful solutions for their businesses, and United Card Solutions provides ongoing 24/7 customer support.

When it comes to the switch to EMV, United Card Solutions encourages merchants to go ahead and make the move. In the long run, it will save money, time, and worry by reducing the implications of fraud liability.

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