John Pryor, Strength and Rugby Coach Introduces New Fitness Training Website

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – 24 July, 2016 – John Pryor is announcing the introduction of a new website devoted to a broad range of issues relating to health and wellness. The website,, offers visitors access to the insight and expertise of one of the most respected strength and conditioning coaches working in the highest levels of international rugby.

John Pryor’s training methods have had a tremendous positive impact on the individuals he has worked with, from the elite rugby players he coaches as the strength and conditioning coordinator with the Japan Rugby Union to the individuals to whom he offers occupational health advice through his role as the director of JointAction Group. Pryor is now announcing that he has founded a new website dedicated to providing greater access to his highly respected insight and expertise regarding all aspects of health and wellness.

The new website,, offers visitors information on a variety of subjects, including analyses on the benefits of utilizing specificity in strength training and on the importance of adopting an efficient and focused approach to each individual training session. While a great deal of the subject matter on the website covers fitness training as it relates to athletic endeavors, Pryor has also worked diligently to address topics pertaining to the work-related benefits of embracing a training program that includes a balance of strength, endurance, flexibility, nutrition and adequate rest.

“Through my work with JointAction Group, I often reference the fact that there is a psychological impact to beginning and maintaining a fitness program that is just as beneficial as the physiological benefit,” said Pryor. “When people train correctly and consistently, they not only become more productive and confident in their respective work environments but also benefit from the application of the same principles utilized in each training session to their professional responsibilities.”

After noting the many additional benefits that come from a focused approach to training, Pryor went on to discuss his beliefs regarding the critical nature of making the information now available on his website easily accessible to people the world over.

“There is an absolute need for accurate information on the most effective training methods available to people of varying ability levels,” said Pryor. “My hope is that this new website will enable greater access to what I believe is critical information on the subject of health and wellness, and it is my goal to make fitness training far less intimidating to newcomers while also offering insight on how experienced athletes can break through a frustrating training plateau.”

Pryor, who helped lead the Japan Rugby Union to one of the greatest upsets in the history of international rugby competition when the team defeated South Africa in the World Cup, has designed and implemented the strength and conditioning programs for some of the most elite competitive athletes in the world of sport. Drawing on a great deal of experience in competitive athletics along with an academic background in biomechanics, Pryor is considered a leading authority on the subject of fitness development and injury prevention. With the release of his new website, visitors will now be able to enjoy the same training benefits that Pryor’s athletes and clients have experienced and will likely develop a more nuanced understanding of how to improve their overall health and wellness.

About John Pryor

John Pryor is the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Union and also serves as the director of JointAction Group, a company devoted to the prevention of musculoskeletal injury in the workplace. Pryor is a graduate of Southern Cross University and holds a Master of Health Science in Biomechanics. Before joining JointAction in 2008 and accepting his coaching position with the Japan Rugby Union in 2012, Pryor previously spent three years serving as both a consultant and strength and conditioning coach for the Australian Rugby Union.

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