Real Capital Ventures Launch Strategically Placed Satellite Office Located In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In a concerted effort to open up new markets, Real Capital Ventures, a private equity and real estate firm has launched a satellite office in Dubai to cater to new clients and bring new and profitable investments to current clients that have suffered from the economic downturn in Europe.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – August 8, 2014, In the current financial environment, it’s not every day that an investment firm makes news for a good reason. On this day, Real Capital Ventures, a U.S. based private equity and real estate firm has announced the launch of a satellite office, strategically placed in the Middle East, for the sole purpose of finding new opportunities for client’s that have lost money in the European market. As gears shift towards the UAE, many investors are flocking there to gain back losses incurred from the European financial crisis.

It’s no secret that the market conditions in Europe are still very fragile and stagnant, which leaves many investors to naturally want to put their hard earned money into their savings account and wait for better days to come. Antonio Naddeo, the CEO of Real Capital Ventures, was quoted as saying, “We are extremely excited about our launch because with a presence in the Middle East, we can now target new markets such as India, Pakistan and Russia. No market is off limits and we intend to deliver new and exciting opportunities in a way that hasn’t yet been achieved.”

Many Europeans have decided to move their money to the UAE because the economy there is much more stable and robust, which will allow them to weather the “European financial storm” by placing investments in alternative markets such as Dubai. The UAE has repeatedly been making headlines as a new and efficient financial hub, as well as a bridge to investment all over the world, spanning from the Middle East and Asia to all the way home here in the USA.

During a recent interview with the CEO of Real Capital Ventures, Antonio Naddeo was quoted as saying, “The opening of our Dubai office was not just a decision that was made on a whim. It is a result of a very precise strategic decision, to follow our clients into a new market and advise as we did when the European market was on fire.” Every market has its ups and downs, it is just a matter of identifying which and when the market will be up.

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