Seacoast Parents to launch “Fair Change” a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the world’s first coin based child behavior management system

Seacoast NH parents Nikki & Steve, have just launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to seek support for Fair Change, the world’s first coin based accounting system that will help parents manage the discipline & rewards process used to improve child behavior with long term success.

Portsmouth, NH, 25th of July, 2016: Two young parents from the Seacoast of NH, Nikki & Steve, are soon to launch a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, seeking support for their innovative world’s first coin based accounting system, Fair Change. Themed to promote good behavior in kids, the innovative system is geared to help moms & dads in regaining control on parental roles and bringing back the family fun.

The campaign will be live on July 25, 2016 and has a goal to gather around $5,700 within 30 days.

“Like several parents out there, we were having a hard time in finding the right route to discipline & reward our kids in order to help them to improve their attitude & behavior. The traditional sticker system is proving to not be that effective. As seen in a lot of press lately, these tend to create a reward mentality and long term issues. Thus, we sat with other parents, teachers, child psychologists, and read lots of books to find the best alternative to inculcate good behavior and sensibility in children. We were looking for consistent and fair rules, rewards and consequences, and thus Fair Change was born. It’s the first coin-based accounting system in the world that enables parents to manage both the discipline & reward process used for improving child behavior with long term success. But such a breakthrough project demands robust financial backup and hence, the crowd funding campaign. Your support would be very much appreciated”, stated Nikki while announcing the crowd funding campaign launch on Kickstarter.

The Seacoast couple has already used the coin-based system with their own kids with great success and now are looking to pass on that privilege to all parents.

The Fair Change Starter Pack comes with 9 large unique metal coins, grouped in 3 categories- Last Chance Coins, Lose Coins & Win Coins. The latter can be redeemed for rewards.

The child would start his/her day with 2 Last Chance Coins. Every time he or she misbehaves, one of the last chances would be forfeited. If the misbehavior continues, and there are no last chance coins left, the child will be handed a Lose Coin, tied to unwanted consequences- like “lose TV”. But if the child is able to continue and end his/her day with at least 1 Last Chance Coin, he/she would be rewarded with a Win Coin with rewards like “late bedtime”.

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“Unlike wall stickers, our coins have the advantage of portability and in this way, serve as a constant reminder to improve behavior. This tactile nature is especially helpful for families with kids on the autism spectrum. Moreover, our coins are really cool, feature child-friendly cute artwork, and your little ones will love to carry them. Finally, they are lead free, can be dropped, spilled on & washed and hence completely safe to use. And yes, their large size prevents choking risks.”

A good bunch of rewards are waiting for the campaign donors, including 1 Fair Change Starter Pack with 9 coins including a bonus Settler’s Coin as a reward for donation starting at $24. Donations reaching $50 & $75 will be rewarded with 2 & 3 Fair Change Starter Packs respectively.

To show your support or Fair Change, please visit the Kickstarter project directly at:

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