Matt Hughes Art Announces The Ethereal Visions: An Illuminated Tarot Deck

Kennesaw, GA – Matt Hughes Art has launched a Kickstarter campaign, The Ethereal Visions: An Illuminated Tarot Deck, for funding the publication of a beautiful art nouveau inspired, gold-guilt deck.The campaign runs through July 31, 2016 and the deck will be delivered in May 2017.

Matt Hughes is best known for giving rise to Gothic Art Nouveau, a new art movement that’s redefining the relationship between viewer and subject, entwining both into an intimate rendezvous, sharing dark and ethereal realms immersed in religion and mythology, death and spirituality, human nature and inherent evil, ultimately leaving the viewer with a profundity of self-reflection and introspection. He is bringing his vision to the world of tarot by creating The Ethereal Visions Tarot Deck.

The Ethereal Visions: An Illuminated Tarot Deck will be a hand illustrated  full 78+ card tarot deck. Each card will be illuminated with gold foil stamping unique to that specific card design. The cards will be high quality 3″ x 5 ” cards on 350GSM stock with rounded corners. The decks will come shrink-wrapped in a two-piece heavy box. The decks will come complete with a 44-page booklet describing the artist’s intentions with the symbolism in each card. This is the first printing of this deck. This version of the deck will only be available through the funding of the Kickstarter.

“…it’s just completely beautiful. Each picture is in the style of Art Nouveau and they’re small works of art. I would read with this deck because I feel it would be a pleasure to hold them in my hands. Also, the expressions on the character’s faces tell story after story. This is not a poorly thought out, pretty deck. This is going to be a wonderful tool. Matt Hughes has built something beautiful here.” – Melissa Cynova. Little Fox 

Matt Hughes is an accomplished artist with his work featured in galleries around the United States and featured world wide in numerous publications, game designs, and book covers. His art has been awarded and featured in Atlanta Opera’s Tosca, Faust, and The Barber of Seville Posters; Chicago’s Gallery Prevocatur Tribute to Frank Frazetta;  the greeting cards given to the cast and crew for The Lord of the Rings After Oscar Party; 2004 Gallery Winner in the Society of Illustrators; five time featured artist in Spectrum:The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art; and winner of best in show at DragonCon in 2007.

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