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The internet has become the biggest marketplace in the history of mankind, no doubt about that. Billions, if not Trillions changes hands each day, either for physical goods, digital products, or services rendered.  There are huge potentials for anyone to make money through legitimate means, and this is the beauty of the world’s biggest country, the Internet.

Scammers are also spreading their wings each day, creating new means of swindling people on the internet. As each tactic becomes ineffective each day, they create new ones and dupe people. Initially, we know only individuals from certain countries are well known for such kind of acts, these days it has taken a new dimension as companies posing  as professionals  now scam unsuspecting people on the internet.

Aquasites.com, an online company which prides itself as the world leading provider of quality turnkey websites, has been noticed to have been scamming people, delivering empty promises. The website operates a business model like that of reputable sites like fllipa.com

A website business owner relays his recent experience with a turnkey business site,  www.aquasites.com, “I decided to search online for ways of making a few dollars on passive income. I saw Aquasites.com, well ranked on Google search page. I tried out their service but got my fingers burnt. I lost an Adsense account have used for years, time and some hundreds of dollars. After sending my first message to Info@aquasites.com, I got a reply from Reda El Ouafi. He boasted of big clients his company has worked for, and almost convinced me to buy 20 sites once. He talked nicely, and it would have been difficult to see through his nice attitude.

He says further, “I have learnt a lot of lessons, and I think it is very good I let other people know. You should never be in a rush to strike a deal for the first time; first, establish trust with very little financial investment. You should also know your leverage (for example, make sure you close your deal before Paypal’s refund time limit expires) so that dubious people like Reda El Oufai, the owner of aquasies.com and grandwebs.com.”

Fraudulent online business owners such as Reda El Ouafi knows how to entice unsuspecting clients by mentioning an endless list of big people they work with. When the approach of marketing or convincing a client becomes violent or too aggressive, or apologetic, then there is a need for  caution. Most  scam business owners on the internet always have more than one website, just like Reda El Ouafi, who owns both www.aquasites.com and grandwebs.com.

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