Transitions Life Coaching, LLC Presents LIFE RECONSTRUCTION PROGRAM

Toledo, Ohio– Transitions Life Coaching, LLC is a US-based life coaching organization that helps people grow and overcome life struggles. Life coaching is a process that helps people define new goals and achieve goals they have put to the side over time.  Coaching can also involve a journey of self-discovery for those not knowing exactly what they want or value at some point in their life. This is very true in the case of coaching those in recovery and those recently divorced.  The Life Reconstruction program was designed by Transitions Life Coaching for those seeking to abstain from substance abuse (drugs and alcohol), otherwise being “clean”.

 The Life Reconstruction program works in conjunction with 12-step programs, psycho-therapy or as a standalone model.  The program involves identifying patterns of substance abuse in participants, identifying addiction trigger sources, encounters, emotions, etc. and assessing satisfaction in 8 key areas of life, using S. W. O. T. (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) system. The Life Reconstruction program is implemented one-on-one with the participant and a life coach. The parties work together by identifying the sources of triggers to substance addiction while assessing the participant’s coping skills through development and implementation of certain methods to maintain sobriety,  setting value based goals and establishing weekly action plans as participant works towards building a fulfilling life while recovering.  Future participants can watch the program explainer video via this link Relapse reduction and prevention from addiction are now a reality using the techniques and methods in the video on Life Reconstruction “Program I” on the Transitions Life Coaching website, which gives the step-to-step summary of the entire program for relapse prevention for substance abusers (alcohol and drugs).

The Life Reconstruction approach empowers the participant to make value-based decisions for their life and their sobriety with an emphasis on personal responsibility.  Being clean and sober is a choice, not a gift.  Transitions Life Coaching objective is one of working with participants in building a balanced, fulfilling, goal oriented life. 

For more information and to discuss how Transitions Life Coaching can help, fill out the contact form on Transitions Life Coaching website at http://www.lifecoachtlc.netor call 4192902265 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


About Transitions Life Coaching, LLC

Transitions Life Coaching LLC is a that helps people grow, as life changes and partners with participants in building strategic action plans towards life reconstruction and rehabilitation. Transitions Life Coaching provides a one-on-one in person coaching and small group coaching at their office at 6800 W. Central Avenue Unit D-2 in Toledo Ohio.  The organization also offers the flexibility of remote sessions via phone or FaceTime.


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