Chairman Lee Kun-hee 28th anniversary of “S / W development, Carve back foresightedness

In 1993 the concept was even faintly, ‘S / W personnel training one thousand people … “flows right through already 20 years ago in the world.”
Jodonggeun Professor “by software manufacturers in the global insight … my president, Samsung brought up.”

20 years ago, software (SW) strengthen the capacity of foresight ordered Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee (先見 之 明) shining like a pearl in the dirt.

Now it is not appreciated deda later wonak much time buried in the numerous achievements accomplished in this meeting, but he is the one who sowed the first seeds of software on Samsung.

Jodonggeun Myongji University economics professor made 1 day “dim in 1993, Chairman Lee Kun-hee even the concept of software engineers has announced its development,” he said appreciated “the count has already penetrated the flow of the world 20 years ago.”

Among other talk across rocked in the early 1990s, software was not subject to fluctuating mouth people. Only turning the factories busy hanging out with innovative manufacturing gotta relief because there was frantic.

Diameter nomination of the President in this atmosphere because eotjin also had a large consensus. But this was right knowledge of the President. This is because the software is currently offering conspicuous presence like a black hole sucking all industries.

Professor Joe explained, “Manufacturing in China’s future growth situation is infinitely darker” he said. “On the other hand software that can create a huge new industry high value woven with multiple platforms.”

Manufacturing crisis of yesterday is not today. Even if no matter how good the product design and development is part of transcribing Chinese companies have Dori does not have to undertake the situation. This does not extend to China hit an all hands stretched out current situation of our manufacturing sector.

After all, who expected the president to try to move the center of gravity in the manufacturing software will literally right away. Samsung is also preparing for the future Serve quickly to the instructions of the President.

Last year both standards, Samsung has been working with software engineers of 40,000. 2 10 000 people in 1000 in Korea, 19 000 people working abroad can stand. Samsung software innovation Umyeon-dong, Seoul R & D campus to the foundation role in the Electronics opened the doors last month.

Joe professor said, “There Samsung engravings are the words of the president to give the power to the platform business of software-centric,” said “Smartphones should be made that the future more similar approach as that combine software such as Samsung pay over that platform.” suggestions made.

In addition insight on the future of the president it is being circulated at leisure. His move collapsed due to acute myocardial infarction 500 days of hospitalization exceeds, but claimed to be the essence of the project is still being used as a textbook of management.

Chairman Lee Kun-hee is the last in June 1993 to convene an emergency 200 key executives in Frankfurt, Germany, was declared a New Management. At the time the president has made a Analects “Except for the Redesign wife and child.”

New Management Declaration emphasizes quality rather than quantity growth remains a cornerstone of the strong, led by Samsung as a global IT companies until the last 23 years now. The President inaugurated the 28th anniversary of the right person per day seem to have multiplied the need to chew one of his acumen.

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